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With the every changing way we watch original programming, streaming is the way to go.  Most viewers are cutting the cord so-to-speak and watching TV through Amazon Fire Stick, Google and other streaming devices.  The question isn’t how to stream but what to stream.  There are so many choices like Amazon Prime and Hulu the options are as wide as the grand canyons. This blog will focus on streaming giant Netflix and their original programming.  Netflix has started the revolution a movement really with providing original content. With hit Emmy winning award shows like Stranger Thinks, House of Cards knowing what to watch can get very tricky. After logging quite a few hours of Netflix, here are my top 7 must see Netflix TV series.


13 Reasons Why Centers around a new high school student “Hanna Baker’s ” suicide and how her death affects the people left behind.  This series tackles many adult subjects beside suicide, the drama also deals with sexual assault, child abuse , drug abuse and of course school shootings.  This is a show worth watching, however, I don’t recommend this show for kids under the age of 15 unless supervised by, who knew that cassette tapes are back in amount High School Students.


Altered Carbon – Is based upon Richard Morgan’s novel of the same title.  This sci-fi crime drama is set 250 years in the future.  This sci-fi crime drama is set 250 years in the future.  In the year of 2384 memories are stored in disk like objects and humans can be put into synthetic bodies called sleeves. The story follows ex-con ex-mercenary Takeshi Kovacs on his journey in solving the murder of the wealthiest man in settled worlds.  This series is very graphic and entertaining very whimsical.  Again this series is very adult themed I wouldn’t recommend this show for kids under the age of 15.


Black Mirror Is a series of short stories that varies in content.  Black Mirror is often compare to “twilight Zone” as the stories changes each episode.  Now in it’s 4th season, Black Mirror continues to push the envelope with over the top story lines.  My two particular favorite episode are from season 4 episode 5 titled “Metalhead”, where a woman tries to survive the dangers of robotic dogs and episode 6 title “Black Museum” where young lady traveler for a re-charge stumbling upon a museum that houses creepy artifacts.  Again this isn’t for the faint of heart although the show’s tone is not a R-rated as most Netflix originals Black Mirror doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the story telling.


Dark Is a sci-fi drama that is set in the fictional town of Winden Germany.  This series follows a few storylines with the main story is about Johans Kahnwald his family and how they deal with the suicide death of his father.  With that being said I can’t go into anymore detail without giving away the plot.  I can say that this series is very innovated, a TV show that is way beyond it’s time. I was so intrigued by the plot that I couldn’t get enough, yes it’s that good.


The Defenders – What do you get when you put Marvel’s un-celebrated super hero’s “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage”, and “Iron Fists” together?  You get one of the best movies series on Netflix.  This is really a no-brainer, the world of super hero’s collide when the four find themselves teaming up against the Hand and who or what is the Hand?  The Hand is an underground secret ancient originaztion lead by Alexandra played by Sigourney Weaver very calculated adversary, she really brings the hammer down on our super hero’s creating a unsuspecting villan. I do suggest that you watch the first seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fists in this order before taking on the Defenders.


The Rain – Is a Danish sci-fi drama that follows two sibling on their quest for survival. High school student Simone and younger brother Rasmus find themselves running for the safety of the shelter from the Rain.  Six years has pass since a virus spread through the rain has nearly wiped out mankind, the two siblings curious, emerges from their bunker only to find the world they left 6 years early is gone.  The two journey from the safety of their bunker looking for food, other survivors and answers.  I highly recommend this series because it’s entertaining good and the twist is one of those WTF moments.


River – is a British police drama that follows John River as her tries to solve the murder of his partner Jackie Stevie Steveson.  This drama is unusual because River sees and communicates with the dead including his partner Stevie.  This ability lands River in hot water with his superiors but the interesting thing is to see River navigate through expectant twists.  The dead people he’s investigating is assisting him in finding their killers.  River is a laid back series that starts right out of the gate with the suspense.  This is a show strictly for adults and be weary it’s very graphic.  


Honorable mentions:


Death Note

Evil Genius

Imperial Dreams

London Spy

Lost In Space

Message From The King


The Punisher


The Titan

What Happened To Monday

Well those are my picks to watch.  If you have your top Netflix picks share them.

Until next time…….

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