“And the Conversation Continues”

Hello Kings & Queens of the social media world, it’s been sometime since I posted a blog but I’m back, I would like to start with a topic that’s been on everyone minds and hearts and that’s mass shootings.

In the wake of the Stone Douglas HS shootings my friends and I had a deep conversation trying to understand the gravity of the situation.  I decided to take a look back starting with a quote from my blog from back in October 2017 about this topic

“These Mass killings a just a few in a pond of many.  The ripple effect is huge and growing.  These acts cast a dark black void, a void that we can’t began to comprehand.  We will never truly understand what goes on in the of a killer, all we see is the devastating effects these senseless crimes have on the community, on the families and love ones left behind. Let’s be good to each other.” 

Las Vegas Victims
Victims of Las Vegas Shootings 10/2017

That’s my thought at the time because it’s not quite a year that past since the tragic shootings in Vegas (Las Vegas Shootings) when Stephen Paddock 64 fired on unsuspecting crowd of concert goers at the Route 91 Country Music Festival at Mandalay Bay.  At the time of my blog nothing was clear as to why this happen only spectulation but now we know that Stephen had many issues including mental.

What drives a person to commit such heinous acts of violence? A Question that no one has yet to answer, there’s many different reasons why people leap over the edge.  In dealing with this topic I did some research and here’s a list of the most infamous mass shootings in America’s history.

Charles Whitman
Charles Whitmen

University of Texas at Austin Shooting (1966)Charles Whitman 25, killed 17 people including his wife and mother. After the killings of his wife and mother, Charles drove to the university acsended the clock tower and opened fired on unsuspecting students.  Whitman then turned the gun on himself.  Authorities later discovery a manifesto explaining his actions.  Whitman questioned his mental stability, a autopsy was completed, medical examiner discovered a brain tumor the size of pecan and determined this to be a possible motative.


James Huberty
James Huberty

San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre (1984) – The mass shooting at McDonalds is one of the most heartbreaking and terrifying shootings when James Huberty 41 walked into a local McDonalds and opened fire on customers killing 21 people and injuring 19 before dying in a shoot out with police.  Days before the massacre, James told his wife that he might be suffering from a mental breakdown.  Huberty later contacted a mental health facility but no response.  What’s makes this so sad is that James reached out for help, the day of the shooting James spend his last hours relaxing with his family.  Later that afternoon, James kissed his wife goodbye and when asked where is he going his response “I’m going to hunt humans” as he walked out he turns to his daughter and said “Goodbye I won’t be back”.

George Hennard
George Hennard

Ludy’s Restaurant Massacre (1991) – Imagine sitting down to dinner then hearing a crash then gun shots, that’s what happened when George Hennard 35 drove his truck through athe window of Ludy’s Restaurant in Kileen TX killing 23 people and injuring 27 before  turning the gun on himself.  Unlike the others killings mentioned, George didn’t leave any manifesto explaining his actions, however, it was speculated that George had a deep hatred towards minorites and women this stems from his unstable with relationship with his mother.


We can not talk about mass shootings without mentioning  the Oklahoma City Bombings and Columbine.

Terry Nichols & Timothy McVie

Oklahoma City Bombings (1993)Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols conspired and targeted the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building killing 168 people including children who attended onsight daycare, injuing 680 people making this bombings most destructive massacre in America’s history until 9/11.  The reason for all this distruction Timothy McVeigh was angry over the handling of 1992 Ruby Ridge and 1993 Waco Branch Davidian incident.  Oklahoma City Bombings was the deadliest attacks on American soil until 9/11.



Columbine H.S. Shootings (1999) – In the spring of 1999 two seniors Dyland Klebold and Eric Harris walked onto their high school campus open fired on unsuspecting students killing 13 people injuring 21 before turning the guns on themselves.  There’s no real reason why the teens committed this hanus act, but this shooting started the talks about gun control that continues to this day.


hui cho
Seung-Hui Cho

Virgina Tech Massacre (2007) – Another senior Seung-Hui Cho 23, walked ino 2 class halls and opened fire killing 17 people before killing himself.  It was later discovered that Cho was diagnosed with a serve anxiety disorder and was ordered to received in-care patience treatment.  Cho would leave a 1,800 page manifesto explaining his motatives; motatives that includes comparing himselft to Jesus and his dislike of  wealthy elite.



Steven Kazmierczak
Steven Kazmierczak

Northern Illinois University (2008) – Just a little over a year after the Virgina Tech shootings, graduate Steven Kazmierczak 27, walked into a lecture hall and opened fire killing 5 students, injuing 17 before committing suicide by gun shot. It was discovered that Steven suffered from anxiety.  In the days leading up to the shootings, Steven displayed strange and unstable behavior, becoming erratic.  The authorities uncovered that Steven showed interest in the Columbine shootings and Virginia Tech shootings studying shooter Seung Hu Cho and using similar methods.


Adam Lanza
Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre (2012) – This is maybe the most terrifying, heartbreaking mass shooting of them all.  No parent sending their kids to school experience what these parents experienced.  Days before Christmas, Adam Lanza 20, killing spree killing 20 children ages 7-9, six staff members and his mother whom he shot as she slept.  Police investigation uncovered Adam was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and Sensory-Integration Disorder.  No one will ever know why Adam committed this crime , no manifesto or note was left behind what we do know is that his mother was aware of his disorders and tried to help him adjust in the real world.


Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen

Pulse Nightclub Shooting (2016)Omar Mateen 29, walked into a Florida nightclub opened fire on the crowd killing 49 people wounding 58.  Mateen motative is he didn’t discriminate he just pretty much hated everyone.  This fact is well known and confirmed by his co-workers.  Unfortunately the LGBTQ & Latino community was hardest hit that night.  Pulse is a well known Gay and Lesbian club, that night the club was hosting a Latino night.  Mateen held survivors hostage for three hours before SWAT team moved in, killing Mateen.


John Allen Muhammed Lee Boyd Malvo

DC Sniper (2002) John Allen Muhammed 41, and his partner Lee Boyd Malvo 17, went on a three week killing spree that spand through 7 states.  The death toll 17 people.  The pair was finally captured as they slept in their car.  The motative for this mass killing spree, Muhammed ex-strange ex-wife wouldn’t allow him to see their kids.



I will end this blog by stating what I have been saying and what I always say when faced with saddness, we need to have more patience and show empathy, compassion and respect then maybe our world will be a better place.  Let’s be kind to each other.








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