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Hello my fellow social media elite, this blog I decided to go a different route and celebrate the phenomenon that is Chocolate Rain. With lyrics like ” Some stay dry and others feel the pain” and ” A baby born will die before the sin” it’s no wonder Chocolate Rain is one of YouTube first sensation and it started off as an experiment.


So what is Chocolate Rain?  Who knows, all I know is I never seen Chocolate Rain and I never tasted Chocolate Rain but it does make one catchy little tune and a great viral video. Youtube 2007 seeing a young geeky nerdy young guy dressed in a white T-shirt beige pants dark rim coke bottle glasses standing in front of a mic and a keyboard, que the music a salsa style rhyme blares from this keyboard along with his deep heavy voice and off you go Chocolate Rain.


Who’s the man behind Chocolate Rain?  Tay Zonday 35, was a 25 year graduate student who been performing at open mics to a relatively small audience.  Tay thought to take his act online posting varies songs on a new medium “Youtube” experimenting. However, the song wasn’t complete it only had the riff.  It would take Tay six weeks to finish the lyrics.  The gold for Tay is to get honest feedback.  Back then Youtube manually curated it’s front page and stumbled on Tay’s video and putting Chocolate Rain on its front page.


Going Viral; Chocolate Rain wasn’t a smash at first it did take some time to go viral.  Three months after the video was uploaded, someone from ( is what Reddit is today), posted it on it’s front page and so on shortly after the stream picked up eventually going virial.  To date Chocolate Rain has been viewed over 114 million times and in 2008 Chocolate Rain received Youtube award for best music video.  


As for Tay Zonday, he’s doing very well, thanks to Chocolate Rain Tay has don’t plenty of voice over work.  His resume includes #RobotChicken and the video game #HappyWheels.  Tay also made appearances on #AdultSwim, Jack And Triumph Show, AGT, GMA and recently the Steve Harvey Show celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Chocolate Rain. Next up for Tay is voicing character on animation show that is based upon the #Transformers franchise.  Not bad for an experiment.


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