Is “Verified Fan by Ticketmaster” Good Idea?

We all have complain about the high cost of tickets to some of our favorite Broadway shows.  Shows like Hamilton, Hello Dolly and Dear Evan Hansen tickets can cost on average $260.00 per seat and upwards depending on the venue and seating.  Imagine paying $1,040.00 for a family of four to enjoy Hamilton.  It’s a reality that for one fans of the stage like myself can’t afford and two as a fan of stage I feel like I’m missing out on the experience of sharing special moments with my family like taking MoMo to her first Broadway musical. Not just Theater cost are sky rocketing but movie tickets have gone up, concerts heck even Disneyland ticket prices gone up averaging about $180.00 per person.  What is one to do for entertainment?  Well don’t fret, there’s a ticketing system out there that can help keep the cost of Theater tickets down and system is called Verified Fan.  Verified Fan by Ticketmaster is a system designed to give the fans first crack at some of the hottest Broadway shows without costing ten fingers, ten toes and a leg and arm.  Verified Fan helps keep reseller & bots at bay.

The video is a parody and is created by ticketmaster making the point of ticketing scalping

Here how it works, after an artist or in this case Broadway show has been announced, fans are required to register real time information such as email address, phone number etc. or register for a Ticketmaster account.  Verified Fan by Ticketmaster will use the information provided to determine you are a real person.  A few hours before the start of presales, Verified Fan will then send a special code and provide a link for you to purchase tickets.  Keep in mind the special code will be issued only if you’re approved. Most fans are happy with this system sighting less hassle and good seating.

This system is new to the Broadway world, artist like Ed Sheeran used this system for presale of his concert.  It gave his fans first crack at premium tickets that would other be brought by re-sellers or bots and the sold at a higher markup in some case 62% higher than face value. Of course with all new system comes some hiccups some fans complaint even with the code they were able to get to log in and make a purchase, however, Ticketmaster Executive Vice President David Marcus encourages fans to use this system. In fact Marcus goes on to say the reasoning behind this new system is to give fans a better experience.

Broadway productions are using this feature:

Springsteen on Broadway

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


*Book of Mormon

*Hello Dolly

For more information on Verified Fan by Ticketmaster please (click here).










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