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Hello everyone I am very excited to bring to you this blog because I am excited about Netflix sleeper hit “Radius”.  It seems like Netflix is making all the right moves with signing of both TV super media giants Fox golden boy “Ryan Murphy” creator of “American Horror Story” and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” and ABC hit maker “Shondra Rimes” creator of “Grey’s”, “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder” to multi-million contracts for content.  Netflix is definitely becoming a huge factor in how we watch content.  With shows like “Strangers Things”, “Death Note” and the big hit “Bright” starring “Will Smith”, Netflix is definitely a big threat to Amazon, Hulu and other streaming media making them stand up and take note. If you want the viewership and to maintain that viewership you get the best of the best right?


Netflix content doesn’t stop there, Netflix has also signed comedian giants Chris Rock, Dave Chapple and Kevin Hart to multi-million dollar specials that are to die for just so freaking funny to the core.  Netflix is independent, foreign movie/TV show friendly giving the little guy a taste for the golden apple which brings me to “Radius”.


Radius is one of those supernatural Netflix movie that is under the radar. If you are a surfer like me you might pass it.  I decided to take a chance and engage, boy I’m glad I did.  Although slow in the beginning, it picks up (without giving anything away) to discovery huge shocking surprising twist no one can foresee.  It send this movie over the top having my jaws dropping to the floor in AWH.  Radius is well written, well directed and well casted.  The actors’ portrayal of the characters is just on point. I am not a fan of flashback scene jumping around from present to past to future, this is what turned me off of Scandal final season.  It’s too much trying to keep track of what is going on but in Radius that’s not the case.  The flashback scene are just that flashing back giving you a taste of what you think you know.  The setup is great, watching Liam navigate through this nightmare you the viewer can try to figure out the mystery behind the man. The Storyline isn’t chopped down to where it’s non-understandable.  The show producers/writers/directors Caroline Labreche and Steve Leonard made sure that the story is easy and simple but filled with twists that just keeps your attention.  Once Radius gets going you’re hooked.  They did an excellent job of keeping the story intact.


The plot; a man Liam (played by Diego Klattenhoff) awakes in a field from a horrific car accident with no memory.  Seeking answers, Liam tries to ask for help.  He quickly learns that everyone his comes in contact with dies instantly.  Thinking whatever it is might be air borne, Liam quickly discover that the air borne out break causing people instant death is him.  Realizing his fatal gift, Liam isolate himself by locking himself in a shelter out back of his home until a mysterious woman Jane (played by Charlotte Sullivan) appears.  Could Jane hold the all the answers?  What other twist can this story present? To find out the answers you have to watch, there’s a big twist that had my mouth on the floor like WTF.

If you dig shows like Charmed, Midnight Texas, Mist or Supernatural then you will surely enjoy Radius.



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