Cutting The Cord

So many people are choosing to cut the cord, meaning that with all other streaming services out there why settle on cable or satelite tv that offers less and you pay more. Cutting the cord means getting premium programming for less. The question is now what streaming service to go with. With so many ways to stream content it’s a matter of personal choice really.

Before I go into streaming services here’s some tips you need to know;

You must have access to high speed internet; If you like me having a few smart TV in home you will need high speed internet and wifi that can handle multiple devices. Internet companies like Earthlink have services that can handle mulitple devices or cable internet service.

This blog will address some of the pros and cons of cutting the cord featuring the top streaming services. The goal here is to give you a guide so you can choose what’s right for you let’s get started.

Let’s start with the obvious;

Netflix has been around for over 20 years founded in 1997 is one of the first in streaming services. Netflix comes first when it comes to innovative the streaming industry starting with creating original content. (bio)

Netflix pricing is still reasonable and if you’re a dinosaur you can still get DVDs service at no extra cost. Netflix doesn’t offer Live TV, something I think Netflix has fall behind in. If Netflix had this feature, Netflix will be a unstoppable force in the streaming industry.

**If you sign up with T-Mobile family plan you can stream Netflix for free**

Directv Now is the newest to the game of streaming, started in 2016 and now is owned by At&T, Directv is giving those streaming services that offers Live TV a run for their money and At&t knows it. Although At&t don’t have original programming like Netflix and Hulu it does offer live television and movies. (bio)

Directv Now offers live streaming over any type of devices up to 3 devices at a time.This means you can watch your local channels at anytime. The guide interface is easy to use, easy to read. Directv Now just introduced DVR cloud up to 100 hours. Will all the additions and fucntionality the one thing At&t needs to work on is buffering/freezing. If you’re in the middle of a TV show or movie just know this lag will happen no what type of Wifi you hav At&t just annouced that Directv Now pricing will be going up $5 extra, example if you have the lessor tier “Live a Little” at $35 it will no cost you $40. At&t found a way to stick it to the customer being more greedy.

Amazon Fire Stick; Awh the benefits to being a prime member is great for Amazon Fire Stick user, with free movies and original programming prime membership has it’s perks. (bio)

App basic interface easy for users to choose TV perferrence. Family programming. Original content. No live tv you will have to subscribe to a streaming service like Directv Now, Hulu or Youtube. Have to pay for TV shows and movies even if you are a prime member.

Other streaming YouTube Live / Hulu / Tubi

For me cutting the cord is the best thing I ever done, I use multiple streamings services and still pay a lot less that I would if I kept my cable/satelite service. Again it’s preference but if you are planning to cut the cord my suggestion is to do your homework do the research and then make the decision.


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