As I sit here and chat with group of millennial I can’t help but to think “What Planet are you from?”  These kids has no idea about life post social media.  As I navigate through this conversation I slowly realize these kids have no clue about anything.  I was asked what did Gen X (1970 – 1998) do for fun. I got to thinking about my childhood and growing up in the 80’s all the fun. I remember getting my first walk-man pink and black for Christmas or buying my first LP (vinyl)  Men At Work Business As Usual or hanging out Brookside park community swimming pool during the summer. 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, Atari, ColecoVision. My brother brought a ColecoVision putting it on a black & white TV with rabbit ears. Do you know how hard it was to play Zaxxon in black & white? It’s very challenging to say the least. My older sister and I were allowed only 1 hour of TV time so in a time where MTV actually played music videos it was hard to make a choice, is it going to be video game or MTV?  After our hour was up, we were kicked outside to play until the street lights came on. (millennial)

I can’t help but to think our Gen X is responsible for creating millennial.  Everything millennial enjoy today was tried out on Gen X, from new technology, lead base toys…LMAO we were the guinea pigs.  Everything was tried out on us vaccination shots, Ritalin I mean I can go on. I’m from southern California here we experienced Smog on a grand scale we had smog alerts Green was good, Yellow was okay, Orange was be aware and Red meant if you have upper respiratory illness don’t go outside. (gen-x)

Gen-Xers learned how to communicate by socializing with each other and not through texts or social media we didn’t have that. Our communication skills came from interacting with each other.  Having conversations face to face and when we did speak on the phone we didn’t stay on the line too long in fear of tying up the line.  We hung out at the park, at the mall, the movies, roller skating rink and during the summer months the public pool. Yes we were limited, we didn’t have Facebook, cellphones, uber if we needed to go we took the city bus RTD which is now Metro or got a ride from a family member, or walked.  Gen-Xers didn’t have all the comforts kids today have.  Guess what some of the most influential people and some really cool innovative products came from Gen-Xers like Sundar Pichai Google or Elon Musk Tesla.

The lack of communication with the millennial is mind-blowing.  Not judging I just don’t understand them.

That All!

be creative, be kind and drink responsibly