c2bd57d1a18cef6ade619c210a923c13_tumblr-logo-clipart2235390-starbucks-clipart-transparent_500-273Good AM all my fellow social media family, today blog is inspired by my favorite coffee house Starbucks. I’ve been a active member of the fame coffee house since 2005, and finally decided to get the golden rewards card in 2009, I’m well in tune with the “Starbucks Experience”, I even took a trip to Seattle 2005 and visit the first Starbucks, I was in coffee heaven. Starbucks is a place where dreams come true. I’ve sat many time blogging and writing scripts, stories so inspired by my surroundings.


762d30e423dbbe3f72f9aaa4b39bf203Today, as I drink my blonde medium roast with vanilla sweet cream creamer, I look around at I see all kind of everyday people. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, everyone chatting getting along some discussing today event okay to disagree, which is not only very inspiring but moving and touching. No one is yelling or calling each other out their name, this group of men old and young listen and respect each other as they discuss politics and of course OJ. It’s a beautiful thing to see I managed to get involved and joined the conversation. As Beyoncé and Ariana Grande music blares in the background I’m in this hot topic, I realize this is social media without the tapping of computer keys, largethis is communication without the misunderstanding of a keystroke. This is in person face to face conversation between a group of adults, strangers gathered discussing hot topics respectfully, something we as a society is lacking. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m reminded of growing in the 80’s with the technology growing with video games and walk-mans, we began to create a society of keystrokes. I am a social person “infant blogger”, I must say I really enjoyed my conversations and I truly enjoyed the Starbucks Experience.


6Z1rBkK_AGYyykk6d0o2TwHaIjI wish that all can be this utopia, this open but most importantly this respectful. This week I have seen how some people can be ugly very ugly, it’s refreshing to see such unity. All this over a cup of coffee. Maybe Starbucks should change their slogan to “Starbucks, changing the world one cup at a time.

That’s all.

Be kind!

la fin