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Garda Síochána “Guardian of the Peace”


Inspiration comes on all forms and today blog post is inspired by doing something so natural TV binge watching. I been doing a lot of that lately on Netflix catching up on my British telly as they say and I notice something very unusual, well unusual for us Americans and that is on British telly apparently police officers don’t carry guns. Amazing huh? I know I said I won’t get political here but there’s always the first the one and only exception to the rule and this blog is it. I decided to put down the martini’s, put down the remote and really think about what or how I will present this thought…..

As I’m watching, I normally see in American TV the Detective goes to bust the suspect and in the process pulls out a gun while securing the location. Sometimes the suspect gets shot and sometimes the suspect gives up without any incident either way American police always have their weapon drawn. Not so much on British TV. British TV the DI or Detective Inspector goes to the suspect home politely knocks on the door is let in sit down and have a cup of tea and shoot the shit. If the suspect isn’t very convincing the DI halls their asses down to the police station for further interrogation and possible arrest.

I got to thinking if there’s something to this? Is this concept real or just on TV and what I found is that there’s countries on this planet that police officers don’t carry guns. Like the Irish Republic the Garda Síochána means Guardian of the Peace don’t carry guns unless under extreme circumstances like a drug bust or dealing with a hostage situation (their elite force carries guns the equivalent of SWAT). New Zealand is another country where the crime rate is minimum and their police force don’t carry guns. In Norway the police there are allowed to have guns only in their patrol cars but not on their persons and again the policeman only carries guns in extreme situations.

I found this to be interesting because we Americans so quick to scream about our rights to bear arms, always flapping our gums in the debate over gun control watching the lobbyist line their pockets with the blood of the victims and not contributing to a solution that can save lives, we have become so desensitized. The current laws make it easy for babies to obtain guns or the mentally challenged to obtain guns to carry out the unthinkable. How many more lives are ripped apart before something is done? When do we stop talking and put into action? Anything is better than nothing.

Just imagine the very thought where police officers are respected and has the trust of its citizens. Citizens can walk around free without the fear of becoming a statistics of gun violence.

So if these countries can work out gun control to the point where guns aren’t needed why can’t we?

Hmmmmm food for thought.

Remember: be Kind, be Creative and drink Responsibly

Netflix : Shetland, Broadchurch

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