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Hello Kings and Queens of the social media today blog I thought I was just go all in tell you that this song not only a game changer for me but it touches my soul.  I’m posting the lyrics and a link please listen with your heart, listen with your soul let your spirit lose and this song will take control.  It’s the ultimate unconditional love song. Talk Talk

Lifted up
Reflective in returning love you sing
Errant days filled me
Fed me illusion’s gate
In temperate stream
Welled up within me
A hunger uncurbed by nature’s calling
Seven sacraments to song
Versed in Christ
Should strength desert me
They’ll come
They come
Lifted up
Reflected in returning love you sing
Heaven waits
Someday Christendom may come
Evening sun recedent
Set my resting vow
Hold in open heart
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