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Summertime is hot like the core of the Milky Way, burning through my skin like the sun rays beating down on tanned beach bodies. The foam white waves crash upon the shore running back to the ocean leaving secrets on the beach floor. Crashing waves breaks between rocks spraying a cool mist falling gently on my burnt skin.  People loosely dressed in skinies, skin wet dripping in sweat, guys and girls trying to find that perfect spot packed up on the coast line. Surfboards lined up as far as your eye can see like Emperor Penguins lining up in formation migrating home. “Hello” beach bum “how are you today?” “Show me a move or two on your board out on the waves.”


Seagulls flocking taking note as they soar high in the sky soaking up the sun. Circling around the crowd below looking for their spot at the show. Tiny birds beak, peck, peck the sand for tiny treasures as if they were enjoying a meal at the buffet. Beach birds stretching their little legs running back and forth dancing with the white foam of the water then fading away.


Smiling faces embraces the heated day as we attempt to stay cool sipping away on icees and drinking cold lemonade. Chowing down on hotdogs and hamburgers grilled to perfection finishing the last bite before asking “more please”. Stubby toes embedded deep in the white sand giving relief to the hot burn of the sun. Hearing laughter echo from the beach as we hide him from the heat. Sand castle soar towards the sky, buckets filled with sand up up up high. Crashing of the waves washing away their masterpieces as the empty buckets bang against each other floating on the surf. Tiny tots bouncing around back and forth between parents beach towel and the cool water enjoying the last dog days of summer.

At last the end is here goodbye Summer until next year.

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