You’re no good for me this I know. You’re so beautiful and yet so sinful. I can’t control whatever this is. I feel like a child licking the bottom of the brownie bowl pure indulgence, pure heaven and so bad. So for now I will let whatever this is go. I will admire you from a distant because everything you are is devilishly wicked bad bad bad and yet so beautiful. Your heat is the fire to my flame. Burning deep down to my soul. I’m slowly falling, falling hard into your clutches like insects drawn to venus fly trap. I know you want me, I see the signs, a little flirtation here, a little sinful smile there, a gentle brush up against my arm sending chills down my spine, making the all the hairs on my body stand at attention. I know you want to hit this, I want you too that’s no lie by I’m not going down without a fight.


fm-95384What about your girl does she knows? Do she see you looking at me hungry? I see you with her, pretending to be deeply in love. What you have with her is nothing more than a fling at best. She has no idea who you are! Aw but I do. I know what haunt you. I know what you want. One trisk comes to mind last Tuesday morn in the copier room at work remember? The lust we shared oh what fun we had. Naughty naughty our little thing would make your father blush and cry.


Then I woke up, it was all as dream. I opened my eyes and seen you dimming amber light. Your just a scared little boy playing at the game of life. All your flaws I can’t fix. I’m not your nanny, I’m not your momma. It’s not my job to raise a man. All the things you represented are lies. All the things I thought you were are false. All the things I wanted you to be in my head is now dead. Your nothing more than the devil with a $2 smile. I can’t believe I almost went there with you. Giving you something so special, so pure and so true. I was willing to hand you the keys to my heart but boy do I now see you. You almost broke my heart and giving the chance I know you would. Shame on me for closing my eyes too tightly. Shame on my for falling for the devil with a $2 smile.


This short story is inspired by a writing challenge the topic: Write about the almost relationship which broke your heart.

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