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Today I stepped across the state line into Sin City. Yes that place where one can indulge in every sinful pleasure. That place where your every ambition appetite is fed. Sin City is where the she-devils roam free along hiding the well best kept secret. You come here boy dancing with the devils you might as well leave your soul at the door. In this sea of buffets you don’t come for a salad.


Sticky and sweet is the breeze that blows across this oasis of sinful bliss. The sun shines on over the land casting off many different shades of brown, orange and yellow. A warming welcome into a place not for the faint of heart. Here there’s no belly of the whale but the beast, the beast is what rules this world. It’s so easy to lose yourself in such a beautiful paradise. The deals made here is only paid in full with your soul so be wary, once you come here you don’t leave. With one roll of the dice depending on your fate you’ll thing twice because there’s no price worth giving up your soul.


This short was inspired by a writing prompt and a vivid imagination.  Writing prompts are a good tool to use when you’re not quite sure how to approach a topic. Writing prompts are very helpful to point a writer/blogger in the right direction.  If you find yourself in a writers block try using writing prompts.

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