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What came first the frog or the prince? It’s a question that has been asked many times but no one can seem to find a correct answer well as if there is one. Today blog post is inspired by that age old question “What came first the frog or the prince?”

I got to thinking about this and I came to the conclusion neither came first it’s just a matter of interpretation. In doing research, I found there’s few interpretation of this question. The most popular scenario is that this is a desperate attempt for a guy to make a woman think she has to kiss many frogs before she can get to her prince. This is a sexist way of thinking. I however, want to believe that we as humans no matter our differences can be better than this.

Here’s my interpretation, I think this question is easy as pie. The prince came first. The frog is just a representation of the prince need for anonymity. In other words the frog is everyday people. The prince desire is to be a frog just an everyday person. So he mask himself as a frog. Masked as a frog he gets to walk around interacting with other frogs enjoying his life whereas if he walked out as a prince people would treat him differently. Think of it this way, in the song “What If God Was One Of Us” by Joan Osborne the title alone speaks volumes but Joan describes what it would be like if God was like us. How would God interact with us, just being a person in a sea of people. Interesting concept right?

So the next time you see a frog think twice because it might just be a prince or princess trying to be normal.  

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