Punching, Biting, Screaming, Kicking and Fighting I’m crushed under the heavy weight of your words. Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak are the words utter from your mouth. Every punch is like a knife cutting deeper and deeper until I can’t bleed no more. In grandeur style you draw back your bow ready for the kill carefully crafting your next move.  The nostalgic beauty escapes you. Your soul once beautiful filled me heart with joy and hope. Your eyes danced like diamonds glimmering in the midnight sky. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do, nowhere I would go. Hanging on your every word as the gospel, now I just hang waiting for the noose to grow tighter calling for the executioner complete this end.

Monday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Tuesday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Wednesday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Thursday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Friday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Saturday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Sunday- Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak

Twenty-four hours, seven days a week and three hundred sixty-five days for the past twenty-two years these words you utter are like a heavy weights tied to my ankle dragging me down to the bowels of Hell. Drowning sinking so low I can’t see light. Finally giving in believing those things you utter those things you so desperately hate Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Useless, Weak.  This isn’t who I am.  I will no longer play victim to your to your villainess ways.  Your words carry no weight for I am a proud woman.  Proud of the that fact I see who you truly are.  All your monster dwells deep down inside you something you’ll never be able to escape.  Once upon I use to feel sorry for you now when I look at you I just don’t give a damn.  Goodbye to you!

This short story is inspired by personal account. No matter your ethnic background or gender is abuse is abuse and is no longer tolerated. Suicide is not the answer. Staying is not the answer.  If you find yourself in abusive situation, bullying, or contemplating suicide or just need to talk, please seek help. It’s never too late to end the nightmare.

Here are some places to contact:

National Domestic Violence Hotline: (800) 799-7233

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

Suicide (800) 784-2433

Office On Women’s Health: (800) 994-9662


Be Kind💜

Be Creative📑

           Drink Responsibly 🍸🚖🚔


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