Looking through my rear view mirror what do these tired eyes see? Cars, trees, people speeding fast past me.  The road ahead broken up concrete tell tales of the age that have seen many glories.  This road zipping underneath my car the double yellow lines waving goodbye.  I stare straight ahead realizing I’m looking into the future then I look back into the rear view mirror I see the past.



Remember how in your twenties life was a bowl of fresh fruit ready for the pickens.  Youth is such as reckless existence.  When you’re young, one take too many risks, too many chances never thinking about the long-term, only living in the moment.  Flash forward twenty years driving along that highway of life looking back in the mirror as you go.  You learn the lessons needed to get you thus far, but was it worth living a life so reckless? Be careful of your reckless abandonment life has a funny way of catching up and the payout might not be as good.

Let’s Be Kind