Brick Wall

Today I hit a brick wall. Ran smack face first into this wall. I took a step back to lick my wombs only to discover this wall stands 10 foot high so climbing over it is nearly impossible. Dynamic and dramatic as this situation is I can only appreciate the blinds that cover my eyes.

After spending hours trying to find a work-around, I sit and contemplate my next move. Exhausting every avenue, I begin to think how did I get here? Where did this wall come from? As I began to trace my steps taken to this point, I notice something spectacular, the wall begins to crumble brick by brick tumbling down.

Then I realize this wall is what I created. I built this wall to protect me from all the hurt, the pain and disappointment in my life. While this brick wall built so strong for my protection also shield me from the joys of life. Over time my heart became closed forcing me to turn to my introverted side withdrawn from life I became too dependent on this wall. I allowed an old shadow of a friend back in sorrow paid me a visit and stayed.

Why I hit this brick wall now at this very moment? Because it was time. Time to take off the blinders, time to open my heart. It’s time for me to evict sorrow and allow another old friend to come change. It’s time to let all the dark go and let the light shine.

Standing in front of what’s left of this strong brick wall that stood in my way now is a mirror reflecting my soul. Shame on me for closing my eyes too tight. I can see clearly now.


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