Inspired by writing prompt 411 write about death.

Leaving you behind is not a easy thing to do. I unwillingly walk away from all that you once were.  I unwillingly walk away from all that you’ll never be.  This clock on the wall hangs frozen in time tells the story of your last goodbye.

No one will ever love me like my mother

For a brief moment in time I held your hands tightly squeezing not wanting to let go.  I kissed your forehead softly everyday when I awoke and every night before I sleep.  I close my eyes, your smell fills my senses jasmine, lilac all the pretty flowers washing over me like a warm blanket. These vibrant beautiful flowers now covers your final resting place.

You would say “don’t cry and don’t feel sad we will see each other again”  as you wipe back tears from my eyes.  I’ll try not feel sad anymore for I have never experience someone as beautiful as you are mom, my beautiful Angel shining bright.

I am ready now.