There’s not a person on this planet that hasn’t attended a concert.  Whether it’s rock, rap, r&b or classical we all love a good concert.  There’s something freeing about rocking out to your favorite artist.  Although the record is great there’s nothing like hearing your favorite song live.  This past weekend I finally got around to seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” we all know that Queen took part in the Live Aid concerts back in the mid eighty’s  it was one of their highlighting moment.  To see the guys so electric, so energized is amazing.  That concert footage is the inspiration for this blog post “Concerts”.

If you follow me on social media you all know I have three favorite bands; “Men At Work”, “Def Leppard” and “Franz Ferdinand”.  I was lucky enough to see them many times and every time they come to my town or close by, as I was lucky to witness Queen live act, in fact Queen was my very first concert.  I was seven my brother task with babysitting me took me along with him and his girlfriend.  During that time the age of seven is quite different from today’s seven never-the-less I only heard of Queen because of my brother and cousins so I knew of their music but I had no idea what all of it meant.

Ranking of my favorite bands;  Before I can dive further into my memory of all the concerts I attended, I must explain why I ranking.  I ranked these bands in the order that I discovered them.  

kZQ22M_7_400x400Men At Work:  My first real band crush where I bought into the teen magazines and everything MAW.  My introduction came not on MTV but Friday Night Videos the first time I seen Who Can It Be Now video, I was memorised.  I actually ditched school traveled to Tower Records on Sunset stood in line to get my hands on their second LP Cargo. I was so inspired by them that I actually took flute and piano lessons. I had the pleasure to seeing them at the US Festival in 83 which will be last time the band is together.  My second opportunity came in 85 Live Aid concert then again in 96 at the House of Blues on Sunset.  The original members will never play again.  Sax player/keyboardist Greg Ham passed away in twenty-twelve from a heart attack.  Lead singer Colin Hay has enjoyed a successful solo career with his debut LP Looking for Jack inspired by his love of Jack Nicolson.  I seen him twice and he’s a wonderful singer, a truly amazing artist.  (Colin Hay tickets)

My Sunday Song – Who Can It Be Now by 2loud2oldmusic

Some concerts I attended have been very mind-blowing kick ass entertainment.  Motley Crue is one of those bands that when they get on stage it’s like riding a coaster, watching Tommy Lee spin in the air while playing the drums no words to describe and then there’s  Guns N’ Roses.  I seen both bands four times.  The most memorable Guns concert is back in eighty-nine when they toured with Rolling Stones and Living Color.  This concert was at the Coliseum  89 no words can put in to text how magnetic that lineup was.  Each act performed as if it was the last but interesting enough it was my first time seeing all three bands. Which brings me to my second favorite band…..

Def-Leppard-Logo-Vinyl-Decal-StickerDef Leppard:  My introduction to Def was through MTV when Photograph aired.  I was like HELLO what is my ears hearing.  For the first time I wanted to be a rocker chick.  While all the kids my age loved Michael Jackson, Madonna, I wanted to start a band all girl band named in honor of Def that’s how important they are.  With songs like Hysteria, Love Bites and Let’s Get Rocked these guys just keep on rocking setting the bar higher and higher.  I seen them a total of twenty-three times just recently as this past September.  Every time they come I am there.  Their music has a major impact on my life, every song is so relatable.  Someone asked me what is my favorite Def song I had to think long and hard because I love all their songs but a few stand out more than others right now this very second it’s “All I Want is Everything” it’s a song I often refer to in other blogs.  I had the pleasure of seeing them with guitarist late Steve Clark and with current guitarist Vivian Campbell (side note: Vivian is a Cancer survivor to read his story click here). You can catch them out on tour now. (Def tickets)

2019 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Nomiess by Jem Aswad

I’m not only a rocker chick or should I say only listen to rock/alternative I also love indie music or music that is different.  B52’s and Talking Heads comes to mind when speaking of this category.  I had the rare opportunity to see both bands once.  B52’s at the US Festival and yes I was little but old enough to understand what was going on.  I talked my brother into taking me and a friend out to the middle of the desert in Riverside, CA the venue is now called Glen Helen Amphitheater but back then it was a dust bowl.  I can remember it being a billion degrees so freaking hot your skin would melt.  I would wait through the heat to see Bs finally take the stage.  They owned it. US Festival became the B52’s show.  They did Rock Lobster but they debut a new LP and songs from that LP one is my favorite Strobe Light.  Kate and Cindy had these wigs that went on for days and Fred bouncing around on stage yes it was a magical evening and speaking of magical evenings this brings me to my third favorite band……

PrintFranz Ferdinand:  I saved the best for last, FF is truly one of the most energetic live act around. FF is another band that has a huge impact on my life. It’s more than that, there’s something magical about them.  I can’t explain it really you have to catch them live to experience it.  My introduction to Franz came back in 2004 my date at the time played This Fire, I never heard anything like.  All the elements just came together in that song and it was one of a few songs I can actually hear the bass line (I’m toned deaf).  I couldn’t get that song out of my head.  The entire date all I can focus on that song.  Later that evening I looked them up and been a fan ever since. I seen FF a total of nine times, but it’s this past tour in May fans experienced a difference Franz with a new LP Always Ascending and new members, like a grown up Franz.  Always Ascending well let me just say there’s isn’t a bad song. My favorite at the moment is Feel The Love Go (referenced in blog reparer mon armure) is definitely a great song to hear live.  The air is filled with love and positive vibes that carries through the entire set. With classic songs like This Fire, Michael and No You Girls all you want to do is just dance that’s the energy you feel. If you are lucky and don’t piss off lead singer Alex he might just throw in your request OR you might just get the standard #probablynotbye tweet either way if you’re a fan like myself you wouldn’t care which songs they play because all the songs are great and holds up. You can catch Franz on tour. (FF tickets)

Wax Nostalgic at Osheaja by Michael Ruttman

Other notable concerts Madonna, Tina Turner, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond, Foo Fighters, Warrant, Poison, The Killers, Metallica, Anita Baker and the list goes on.

Care to share your favorite concert experience leave a comment.

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