Stan Lee

The world of nerds lost our hero, our rockstar Stan Lee. Stan has helped many of us generational awkwardly outcasts deal with the world by making being misfits cool. I was introduced to Marvel when my brother bought X-Men comic. I read that series and was hooked. I realized that these characters all had something in common although all the characters are misfits or outcasts they had each other creating a family or unlikely people. Fighting against a world who don’t accept their gifts, what amazing theme.

Now hooked in the world of comics, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next story. I use to save my allowance head out Saturday mornings to Canterbury Records or Tower Records going through each comic trying to find that jewel stumbling on Fantastic Four or Spiderman (I prefer the 1960) and Captain America.

Marvel as well as DC comics is responsible for teaching and inspiring generations of kids to read. Through the stories we learned how to use our imagination, we learned how to dream big and the biggest lesson of all we learned compassion, empathy. No matter what the circumstances we face we can rise above. Through the beautiful characters Stan Lee gave us X-Men, Silver Surfer, Invisible Girl, The Human Torch these characters represented us as outcast misfits and all our deformities. Stan Lee Marvel is our voice.

I can go on and on but if you are a true comic book reader, lover then you know what Stan Lee means. What a genius, a incredible, remarkable man who will be truly missed.

Goodnight Stan and thank you!