Have you ever wonder if you had a “edit button” that you can push and reset you life would you push it?  I often think about how easy that would be to edit out the parts of life that are painful to face.  Of course that’s crazy, all parts of life are important. The good the bad and the ugly, feeling all of that is what makes us tick. However, if you had that option what part of your life would you edit?  A memory? A missed opportunity? This is the topic for today blog post “Edit Button”.


7943c544955d35722d5aad6568fd455fWould You Push The Button?;  This isn’t just a simple question.  The answer isn’t as simple either.  I thought long and hard about this, for me I wouldn’t push the button.  Why? Pushing that button will alter all the events, all the hardship, loves, painful memories, happy memories every moment that shaped me will cease to exist.  Of course in life you try to be the best person. One can change things, personality traits to make your path in life better, but that’s not my question. Changing oneself to better yourself is one thing but to edit or alter out the very things that make you you that’s something different.  This version of you might not be the best person.


cease-to-existCease To Exist;  Think of this way, when you watch your favorite movie or hear your favorite song your listening to parts of that concept that’s edited together. The essence isn’t there because the piece is not presented in its entirety now take that scenario and apply it to your life if you edit out all the difficult painful parts that one experiences, you then you cease to exist.  The difficulties of life teaches us lessons on how to survive our journey. This scenario might sound crazy this blog might sound crazy to you but it’s not that far-fetched. I recently read an New York Times Article where researchers developed a drug to suppresses memories. Imagine popping a pill to erase a painful memory.  I can’t help to think of my theory on The Terminator but that’s another blog for another time. 

*this article study focus on the effects on brain trauma*


Keep-calm-and-don-t-feed-the-troll-22Don’t feed The Trolls; You can’t control how people act towards you but you can control your reaction to them. This statement is what I live by especially now in this social media juggernaut we built. I learned to take back power or control one must be confident, listen it‘s very easy to sit behind a screen & talk shit be bold say all things you couldn’t say if faced with that person or people, its another to take ownership. This is another scenario where the edit button might be useful.  If faced with a cyber-bully what would you do?  As painful as this scenario can be would you still push the “edit button” ?


deep-wellWisdom Comes With Age; When we were younger, we are bold and brave as you get older some battles aren’t worth fighting.  Getting older you become more settled, wiser not needing a “edit button”.  You understand what selfworth is. You learned the valuable lessons to help you continue on your journey.  This is all just random thoughts, thinking outside the box, but boy it would be pretty interesting if a edit button was available.  I wonder who would push that button, you?


be Kind💕

be Creative📑

Drink Responsibly🍺🚕🚓