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You will never admit you’re wrong. Sitting here having this last meal, this last drink with you I’m hearing everything but “I’m sorry for hurting you.” You and I our story ends here at this cafe and although I look deep into those ocean blue eyes, and just hope this is all a nasty dream apart of me wants to bite back. All the years I spent, time sacrificing my career to give you a home, family and love, you dare sit there and lay out how this ends.


You say she isn’t cold, she isn’t distant, she’s fun and love to do things. That’s great when you’re single. We have a family three kids oh you seem to forgot about that. Twenty-five years together, I been your champion and you walk out on us?  Here’s the difference between me and you, I never would throw my family to the wolves. I would never walk out on my family. Although you nearly destroyed me, I won’t let you win. As we sit here today once a happily married couple, I see you and the only thing I feel is forgiveness.

I forgive you for all that you have done.


This short story is inspired by a very important person who is dear to my heart, my soul-sister, my champion.  She’s unfortunately going through a divorce & lack the knowledge of her self-worth.  She find herself for the first time standing in her truth.  She’s has no idea how beautiful she is, how strong she is. I wish she can see what I see.


Be Kind💕

Be Creative📑 

Drink Responsibly🚖🚔


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