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Moving at the speed of light. Floating high over the night sky. The white puffy clouds tries to greet me but only uttering a goodbye as I fly by to fast to stop to say hi. I’m moving so fast no time to slow down. A cool calm falls over me such gentle in nature & yet so familiar. I take advantage of this calm to look upwards the stars so tiny shimmering in the purple night like a diamonds bracelet.  Here in this place is always purple, always blue, always dark like my dreams of you. Light moving too fast, memory play a vanishing act disappearing right before your eyes. Any rational thoughts escapes the endless void of nothing. I can’t even remember my name. Will I ever see the light again?


Moving at the speed of light, my skin begins to dry. No time to cry about it I’ll just play through the pain of it all. Oh no dizziness fills my head, although I’m not quite sure why. The pounding of my head thumps, thumps like cords from a base guitar hurts tremendously as I fly high in dusky sky. Winds of icy cold blows hard in this lane.  Too hard where I can’t feel my hands & feet. The air so brisk the icy shingles hangs off my nose like when you play too long in the snow. Here in this moment, in this space, time has no boundaries as I remain in a perpetual state of existence. I’m not dead but I’m not whole either. The fear of whatever this state of existence is, now escapes me for a calm washes over me again, like a baby taking her first bath.


Moving at the speed of light, time refuses to give up on me, for he is at my side trying to arouse my senses. “Awake you fool” time whispers in my ear. Me fighting back “No!” I don’t want to not yet. I bet if I closed my eyes real tight & just stay still I can feel the peaceful quiet realm of the nothing. What is this drive in me? My heart desires to stay, my soul so desperate to break out of this endless jail. My senses are on overload.  This battle of wits is overwhelming. Here in this realm death has no knowledge of the souls hiding. Here in this realm there’s no, pain, no tears, no fears, there’s no end just souls moving at the speed of light.


This short story is inspired by the song “Jesus Christ” by Brand New.  You can hear this song & other inspiring songs on my blog playlist.

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