Sitting by my bedroom window starting my day with a coffee & a smile, watching the sun rays give a magnetic light show. Hues of orange & yellow reflections dancing on my walls.  The dawn awakens my senses so alive like never before. I feel this overwhelming fire burning inside of me like waves crashing along the shore. The dawn of a new day has begun.


Sitting by my bedroom window the day cracks a smile, I’m watching mother nature at her best showing off her beautiful style. Arranging colors of green, red & yellow on this hot summer’s day in a fantastic light, I am reminded of the steady hand of God’s might.  Together they have a way of raising the universe, silently & gentle like a couple of anxious parents watching their child’s solo performance at a school play.


Sitting by my bedroom window watching the day pass transcend from day into summer’s night. I reflect on what I have witnessed all the colors of the world now growing dark. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic shedding a tear for its difficult letting go. The darkness creeps in growing deeper & deeper turning the warm colors of mother nature from yellow to blue to purple to black, leaving nothing more than an unfamiliar reflection. Staring at this reflection so complex, so raw, so complicated, so bald I see it now.  Sitting here now I understand the beauty that lays within looking up at the night sky with heavy eyes the moon & its grey reflection says “good evening my lady” with a devilish smile, grinning as if a secret has been revealed, extending his hand offering an escort to our usual table, like going out on a first date “dinner is served.”


The inspiration for this short story comes from a remarkable group of people who sacrificed their time to spend with those who are fighting through illness such as mental health, suicide or cancer. We each have a journey in life that takes us down a path of self-discovery. It’s during this journey that we discover how strong & tough we truly are.  Surviving is only one part of the big picture but one person can’t survive on their own it takes a network, a community of people who are compassionate, empathetic & loving. These are the people who are behind the scenes. Doctors & nurses who don’t get recognized for their efforts, in the push for a cure.  

Personal Thank You, to the Doctors & Nurses at GYN Oncology Institute for all your hard work & kindness & helping me through my struggle.

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