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This short story is inspired by Carl’s Jr sexy hamburger commercials
– enjoy

My heart screams out for you, a desire that only you can quench. Never wanting someone as badly as I want you. Dancing a slow dance, first flirtation then chemistry attraction now I got you in my sights. Moving in for the kill, a playful kiss finally my heart gets what it wants & my heart wants you!


My soul is open wide like that front door waiting for you to walk through.  I’m willing & ready, ready to lay it all down on that crap table.  I’m no fool, in the words of Mick Jagger “Start Me Up” I have nothing to lose.  I’m a willing participant & I’m willing to take this as far as I can.  Why take your luck else where when it’s easy here.


Knock knock on the door. Nobody home. Tap, Tap on the window pane. Still no answer. The knocking, tapping grows louder, louder until I can’t ignore.  Guess who’s back? Yes it’s my senses. Hi senses haven’t seen you around lately. My senses, happily back interrupts what to be an intense night of….


Now in this crazy discussion with my senses more like a battle of wits. As this conversation taking place instead my head I hear a thump.  This thump is growing louder like a musician playing keys on a bass guitar. There’s nothing else I can really do but to listen as my senses & heart enjoy a playful game of tug of war.  Who will win this game?  I guess we’ll wait & see….


be Kind💜

Be Creative📑

Drink Responsibly🍸🚖🚔

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