New year promises comes as no surprise, this time each year we open our eyes. We see things that apparently we didn’t see all last year so we make unhealthy promises we know we can’t keep. Instead of making promises that reflects compassion & empathy we tend to seek out promises that frankly aren’t too deep.


female-politician-oath-promise-vector-clipart_k61475427We promise to do this, we promise to do that, from praying for the most ridiculous of things to showing our greediness promises can make people start off the new year doing crazy things. The saving grace is as simple, in all of this unhealthy indulgence we delight in, this promise we always lose sight of. This promise is achievable. This promise isn’t unhealthy activity & it comes from the happy place in all of our hearts. It is a promise that has stood the test of time passed on from generations. This promise doesn’t require much fan fare. This promise is as simple as turning to the person next to you the one person you hold most dear & utter this little words “I Love You.”


images (1)This short is inspired by my favorite Rockstar mad man who showed the world how beautiful we all can be if only we be accepting & respectful of our differences. Through our diversity we can harmonize as one & giving the gift of kindness to everyone even to those who don’t deserve. Striving for peace is worth the risk in making this world a better place.


Be Kind 💜

Be Creative 📑

Drink Responsibly 🍸🚕🚓