Hello all you Kings & Queens of social media, we are at the start of a new year with new goals we all hope to achieve, new resolutions we won’t keep & a fresh start but for me starting the new year is often very stressful & overwhelming.  Twenty-eighteen has been a year of self discovery, growing & learning to let things go but I must say the few days leading up to January 1st, my anxiety level were at an all time high.  I live in a part of the US where my city falls behind most of the world time wise that is.  When most of you have celebrated, we’re still waiting to count down & there’s my anxiety falls into play.  The good news no disaster nor looming doom, no nothing really just another routine type of a day.  I ranged in the new year just as I have for the past ten years celebrating with friends very low-key usual finger foods, playing games & getting hammered.  I don’t know why I place so much on new years when I always survive the event.


kisscc0-text-messaging-2019-circles-5ba1e904bbdd85.3674886215373376047695Second Day of 2019; I find myself doing what I did in twenty-eighteen getting ready to return to work.  I take vacation three times a year, once in the spring for my birthday, once in the summer for my best friend birthday & end of December for the Holidays. I spent my ten vacation planted at home except for NYE. Now back in the grind of things I get up & ready for work.  I take my shower enjoying the hot drops of water trickling down my skin giving such a calming of a relaxing peace.  Closing my eyes & letting the beads of water take over like enjoying a favorite song.  My mind is cleared not a single thought fills my head. Out of the shower & putting on some clothes, as I stand looking at myself in the mirror I see my colors appears. Fade faint colors that comes into view in seconds.  These colors will be my guidance for the day.  Today its pink & that’s a good pink is strong color in the sense that my heart is light but my amour is strong.  Armed with my coffee & a bite to eat I’m ready to face the world.


Screenshot_20181227-003645_Google.jpgFeeling The Spiritual World;  I believe in the spiritual world. In this colors are representation of the being.  Think of it like putting a mood ring.  The energy from your body influences the colors of the ring.  The darker the colors the more intense your spirit is & of course the lighter the color the lighter the spirit.  We are share a symbolic relationship with nature, the earth & universe.  Most people aren’t in tuned to their spirit. Take a look at yourself if you’re wearing dark-colored clothing at the end of the day think about how you felt throughout the day.  Think about this, are the colored clothing a reflection of your feelings? Something to thing about. You may think I’m nuts but as the saying goes “it’s better to believe in something then nothing at all”.  I’m a believer because it makes me feel good & what’s wrong with that.


FUD+fear+uncertainty+doubtFear, Uncertainty & Doubt;  The second day of new year is going smoothly much more than I anticipated at the Fortress of Destitute. I guess I should explain why I have this view of my job in this way but for all tense & purposes I want to stay positive but you can use your imagination. Nothing has changed.  I put all that emotional nonsense in my head filling my heart up with doubt & fear but I imagine that I was fearful of a future I can’t control.  There it is kings & queens.  There’s my problem I am a control freak. I’m learning that I should invest my time & energy into the things I can control & focus less on trying to control a future that hasn’t happen yet.  Maybe if I did that the stresses in my life will be few. I need to stop allowing my fear to continue to take control. Ding dong 2018 is gone but not forgotten not the lessons, not the love I found & that is a good thing.



be Kind💜

be Creative📑

Drink Responsibly🍸🚕🚓

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  1. Happy New Year! Just saw this on twitter and following you now! I am going to have to pay attention to that color thing … I can tell I am going to enjoy your blog! Sandy

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