Don’t bother trying fix me I’m broken. I’m not broken from what you did to me but broken from what I allowed. I cannot control your view of me I, however, can control my reaction to your twisted distorted world.


screenshot_20190104-064818_twitterI allowed myself to bend giving into your selfishness, your ego & your lack of ability to love. I know who you are I see right through you. I choose not to see. Closing my eyes in the hope’s you will become a better person a better lover but all is left is the bitterness that is you. I allowed my loneliness & desperation get the better of me. Shame on me for loving you too tightly.


screenshot_20190104-064906_twitterI’m broken no longer desperate. I’m broken no longer sad. I’m broken no longer angry. I’m broken & eventually all this pain will become part of me, a part of my amour. I will claim victory & just as you have moved on I too. One day I will brave the light. One day my confidence will push me to step into the spotlight again. This time with a renewed sense of me. Revised & unhindged & armed with a new self of being, lesson learned. All this power comes from being broken.


This blog is inspired by my Twitter, these are the people who gets the Twitter world buzzing with in your face questions about our society. Caring about topics that affect our lives these fearless people are a breathe of fresh air.

Amazing Facts 

Terms of Pisces 

Craig Hoffman 

Dave Vescio



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