Today I walked into life with a new sense of hope.  Yesterday I cried longing for a past that was devastating carrying the scent of you.  Yesterday I closed my eyes & dreamed of a life with you.  Today I opened those eyes no longer trapped in what you appeared to be.  Yesterday I danced on the ledge contemplating a jump in the hopes you finally see me & not through. Today I walked into my new life with clear picture of who I am.  

Today I walked into this world fresh new like a newborn vampire seeing the elements in all it’s beauty for the first time.  Yesterday I howled at the wind like a werewolf  mourning the lost of her pack.  I died a slow & painful death, dying until there’s nothing left.  My inner being is entangled into your world, a place so dangerous I lost sight of my soul.



Down here in the depths of despair a flame flickers.  I’m the Phoenix rising from the ash born a new.  Like waves crashing against bare rock I am strong.  Like the tallest of Sequoia’s I will stand tall taking my rightful place in this world.  My plate of amour will shine bright from the watch tower as a beacon of light from the highest lighthouse calling guiding sea brats home. Yesterday I cried.  Today I celebrate.


Today blog is inspired by self-doubt. I learned a valuable listen, self-doubt is a motivation killer.  We all have kinks in our amour but no matter tough the road gets, staying the course is essential. The human brain can take a person to depths of low that is just unimaginable, knowing who you are is the greatest gift a person can have in their arsenal.  Remember there’s always a light a the end of the tunnel. 

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  1. Our brain is a powerful thing and self doubt is so strong in getting us to think we aren’t worth it when we are. This post has been beautifully written 💖🙌

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