Break Free

This short story is inspired by & dedicated to all the lovers, rockstars & the young at hearts running wild. We all seek love not out of necessity but because we’re humans we love to bond, we to share & most importantly we love to love. – enjoy

Sitting here staring at a face I vaguely recognize. Every line, every crack tells a story of a life long lived. The story started with a young vibrant soul searching deep down looking for that light. A light that shines so brightly like headlights illuminating the darkest of nights.  Descending  into a world of club babies, I see my beacon of light dimming fading out into the night. My heart holding onto a reality that’s not quite clear, let’s take a trip a club baby yells out.  Yes let’s go running with the night, off onto another adventure.


“Beauty is not flawless; it shines even through your imperfections”

Seeing you in that café on that gloomy rainy Paris day. Your light caught my tired eyes, our hearts connecting soon to flying high across the Paris midnight sky. Finally I found my soul mate, my life partner, someone to share a life that just started. Together we’ll build a life so bold, so beautiful. Together we’ll grow old ensuring our survival through a life time of love.  Take my hand let’s fly far away from here.  Let’s electrify the blue, purple sky shine so bright light diamonds, our love on display for all to see.


Reflecting on a friendship that took place long ago. Back at our Paris café, you holding my hands sharing secrets walking as we go. I see my reflection in the water, shocked to see such an old woman staring back, you looking at me lovingly whispers “I love your imperfections.” You send my soul flying high. In this moment I reflect on every smile, laugh, giggle & every tear you & I together forever in this dance.


“It’s your imperfections that makes you beautiful”

My love, my champion twilight has finally caught up to me.  You here with me at the end always showering me with love.  The moon shinning silver the only glow from the dark.  The night casting a shadow over these tired heavy eyes. Eyes once so young, now seasoned, has seen many bright days. I see your face in everything smiling ever so gracefully by my side holding my hand as I slip into the blue white haze. Entering the next stage I’m not afraid, your love gives me strength to move on. I lay here staring up at this reflection, all the imperfections on my this old face like whipples of water quietly rolling across the pond, & you looking at me lovingly whispers “I love your imperfections.”



be Kind💜

be Creative📑

Drink Responsibly 🍸🚖🚔

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