The Great Grands

This short is dedicated to you my beautiful babies Joshy, MoMo, Little Steve, Jay-Bird, NoNo, Mara & Monie who aren’t shy to be bold & to dream big reaching the stars & beyond. May your light grow brighter & shine bigger. I love you to the moon & back & beyond.


MoMo, Steve, & Joshy

Today I rise lacking the inspiration for words. I guess it’s time for a cup of java & watch the sun wake up the world. Sitting in silence the best time of the day, looking out across the morning dew no words at play. Just me & my thoughts looking for any inspiration but none comes to mind. Looking down, I see the whiteness bottom of my coffee cup revealing secrets. I’m no longer bored but still lack the inspiration to write, I realize words will be very elusive today. My imagination comes out to play. Imagination turns tricks into material to take like a con going downing a big way. My imagination begs me to chase that rabbit into the rabbit hole we go.


2014-07-03 21.31.36_preview
Monie & Mara

Here in this space time is a great friend. Both time & imagination greets me with open arms & a grin. Just let yourself go it’s safe down here. Just let your imagination flow, pretty soon your heart will swoon with writers delight. Father Time whispers “close your eyes & let go.” Letting go I dive into this free fall of colors red, white, yellow & green hitting this scene like I’m on a psychedelic trip, falling & falling oh wait father time I hear voices children laughing could this be the inspiration I so desperately need?



Auntie shaking my shoulders violently, “Auntie we’re hungry!” I opened my eyes as if I just finished a long winter slumber & here’s my reality seven hungry babies running around laughing, playing & yelling “feed us” Yep today is Auntie Sunny turn to babysit & with all this beautiful noise I’m still lack the inspiration for words to write.



Today’s short story is inspired by the lack of inspiration to write. It’s a discussion that is commonly had on social media with bloggers, writers & storytellers. I’m learning there are two types of bloggers one who blogs everyday sometimes two or three times daily & the other is bloggers who look for inspiration & blogs when the notion comes I’m the latter of the two. I decided to take this topic & apply it to a blog. I must say out of all of my writings this is one of five short stories I love. The writing process for particular story came easy as I sat drinking my coffee enjoying the beautiful California morning. All seven of my great nephews & nieces & scrappy the dog that looks like an old man are beautiful & driving me crazy.

be Kind💜
be Creative 📑
Drink Responsibly 🥂🚖🚔