Today I had an interesting conversation about recovering from my meltdown.  I call my little manic depression “My Chum” and I showcase what my Chum does.  If you follow me, you know I speak openly about my disorder.  The conversation I had I was asked an unusual question.  Sitting here drinking my coffee waiting for my banana nut bread I was asked when my Chum comes for a visit what do I carry in purse? I’m like Homer said what?  Dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to say.  For once I had no clever comeback or no witty remark.  I have never been asked that.  I got to thinking what do I carry in my purse when dealing with my Chum?  This is the topic of today’s blog post.



What’s In The Purse

This question has bother me because I realize I carry just about everything I need to get through my daily routine accept things I need to help with my meltdown.  I carry the necessary things for my phone and tablet.  I carry my medicine for my asthma.  I carry my wallet of course I even carry hand sanitizer, wipes, tissue, toothbrush, mouthwash & paste but nothing in my purse I carry that would help in sticky situations other than phone numbers of my champions.  I got to thinking what do I need most when in the mist of a manic episode?



What Do I Need Most

I can’t think of a single thing I need most when dealing with my Chum other than my phone.  My phone is the most powerful weapon.  It has everything I need as far as bring me back down.  I can do a quick click boom my playlist is playing or a quick speed dial boom I’m on the phone with one of my champions.  It’s always on and it’s always on my person.  What an odd thing to think about.  



Concept Mind Blowing

As the conversation continued, this person explained to me what she carries in her purse to help slow down a meltdown.  This person said she learned of this mind-blowing concept in therapy.  She cares one stick of gum, half roll of mints, a photo of her cat and a vintage clipart of a typewriter sitting on a wooden desk surrounded by flowers and a cup of coffee.  She said these things reminds her of her happy place and that helps her deal with her Chum.



Not Everybody’s Healing Process Is The Same

It’s true some people deals with depression differently.  I will not judge.  Some people like looking cat photos to make them happy.  Others have a set playlist to listen to or a favorite show.  If these things helps her over the hump then I like it.  This conversation helped me learn something new. We all are beautiful people roaming here on earth.  We get only one shot at this life, I rather spend my time encouraging people to be happy have compassion and empathy.  You never know that smile could light up someone else day and be a game changer in their life. 


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