Today I seen your light flying up the escalator of a shopper’s life. Up we go gathered in a heard this cattle is of a different kind. Walking around following the signs on the floor, bright yellow arrows points the way we all moving with little to say. Taking it all in finally getting off at my stop looking through the merchandise pretty patterns showing off vibrant colors schemes.


Everything so tightly packed, pulling down sheets towels and mats. Wondering if I should get this or get that. Looking around no co-workers, no staff members insight. Pushing the help button waiting to be served 10-25-30-45 minutes fly by still waiting. Time is of the essence but this company doesn’t care, there’s one staff member to serve 35 customers. Still waiting impatiently and annoyed wondering why this is happening why my calls go on being ignored.  All this lack of respect for customers time it’s all hard to digest. Like bad heartburn its shopper’s indigestion.



Not long ago quality was a badge of honor. Co-workers shined in their yellow blue striped shirts. Standing out in a sea of frantic shoppers like super heroes from a comic book. Walking up to save the day smiling with glee “how may I help you” use to fill the air. Now in this confused maze of stuff I wonder why am I here wasting my time. Looking around the smiling faces have disappeared and so has the energy.  Stale, dry and lifeless now feels the air. It hard to tell one face from another the sparkle that once was has seen its lady days. Void of life the shopper is this store cash cattle.



Gone are all the things that made them fun. It use to be about the service now it’s all about the dollar.  It’s quite clear, my cash cattle experience I fear is on the last gas for this season shopper. It’s a sad twist of fate the friendly atmosphere has all but disappeared. The lesson here is we’re in the stage of the universe where compassion, empathy, respect and all that self-worth has lost its way. Hatred, impatience and anger is what we cheer. Its fear, scared to lose a job that used to be a career. It’s a trickle down effect treat your employees & staff members with compassion, empathy and respect and those traits will flow like a river bring life to the to the world.


This short is inspired by a shopping trip to a home furnishing store. Many of us had shopped at this store but in recent months going into this store it feels like a cold large warehouse and we the shoppers are cattle being heard through a maze of confusion. The last of the mavericks, this store has become like the rest anything for money damn the customers experience damn the staffers who deals with customers. It’s such a shame.

Let’s be kind.💜