“I’m going to Grandma and to Grandpa’s too.  I’m going to Grandma wondering what to do.  I’m going to Grandma please meet me there and I shall be all so happy apond thanksgiving day.  We shall have coffee so shall we.  We shall have pumpkin and tea, we shall everything all so nice when we get to Grandma’s house.”

A song sang through generations of Carroll’s family in honor of the women who shaped our lives.  This short story is inspired by the love of the one woman who is the glue of our family.  Through her guidance, faith and discipline she taught us respect and love.  What way to honor my Grandma on Valentine’s day then sharing a memory of love.



Grandma broccoli so juicy so sweet hot from the oven to my plate. Steaming hot smoke rises the aroma fill the air even Tweet Grandmas’ yellow canary can’t resist. The temptation of eating is high me and cousin Pete eyes are wide with anticipation. Grabbing the plates setting the table forks, knives and spoons sit alongside the bright white worn plates. This is a tea party fit for a Queen and her prince princess. Here it comes delightful joyful grandma brocoli. Cheddar cheese oozing down the side giving way to the green specks of garden delight. This one day in many to come sharing love over plates.



Grandma brocoli recipe came as a surprise the juicy sweet hot delightful treat isn’t a special recipe it comes from a grocery store frozen food section in a box. Popped into a pan thrown into the oven. Prepared for the Queen and her court.  Grandma secret weapon is love of course although grandma recipe wasn’t from scratch, the frozen box is just a box until grandma prepared it out of love.+


The lesson here it doesn’t matter where or how food is prepared just know it’s prepared with love. Something grandma taught us and that lesson has trickle down to our own children the new generation.

My grandma mother, nurture, teacher and woman of faith.

Writing prompt 97 write something fun about Grandmom

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