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Meet February 2019 FEATURED BLOGGERS


Hello all you Kings and Queens of the blogging world.  I been blogging for quite sometime and have seen many different genres of blogging from food, automotive to lifestyle.  So many brilliantly inspiring bloggers and because of this I was inspired to showcase these bloggers writings.  It’s hard to ignore these featured bloggers writings, their material possess such gripping, chilling, intriguing and active thought process.  As I have grown to known these wizards of words, their material has touched my soul.  Once you get to know their works you will to experience their joy, pain, laughter and beauty.  It’s with great pleasure I introduce to you this month featured bloggers.


“This week my social media timelines have been alive with the 10 year challenge. I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos. A lot can happen in a decade eh? Lines appear, grey hairs take up residence, bellies expand or contract. Just me?! Back then I was 31. Usually out drinking most weekends, spending…”

Cara Forrester:  Is a full-time mum and part-time writer and blogger from Scotland. Writing has always been part of who I am and I’ve worked as a journalist as well as in PR and communications. As well as talking about my life, I like to share what I’ve learned along the way – from how I keep mentally well to my love of yoga and mindfulness. I believe if you’re a writer you have a great gift and can use your words to change the world.  My recipe for life is to live each day to the fullest, love with all your heart and above all, to be kind and spread kindness wherever you go. 

Getting To Know Cara:  

Favorite Author? A: Oscar Wilde

Favorite place to write? A: At my dining room table, looking at my garden and the huge tree which brings me peace.

Who has the biggest impact on your writing? A: My son…he’s only 3 but he’s taught me more about life already than I’ll probably ever teach him. 👩‍👦


website: stawberrycaz

Cara Forrester on Social Media

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♡ It was easy for them to Move On, Not Dwell, Get Over It, Not Remember, Forgive & Forget… Because it didn’t happen to them!
The thing is… It Happened To Me & They Didn’t Care!! So I did what I also had to do in 1981… I Ran♡

Catherine Mellen:  Is a mother, grandma, Poet, Author, writer and daily blogger.  She’s branching out doing her first guest speaker in a group.  Her blog is about understanding childhood trauma, living beyond repressed memories.  Her writing is her truth and in speaking her truth she’s has touched many lives.  Her favorite quote by Jack Kerouace “I have nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”

Getting To Know Catherine

What is your favorite book? A: Favorite book would be a tie between The Outsiders ( always had my heart) not the movie tho & my other favorite is my by hometown Writer/Poet Jack Kerouac On The Road.

Do you have a favorite writing spot?  A: I use love writing at the cemetery (Peaceful, Serenity & Tranquility) I’m unable to drive so I now go outside in my yard in spring, summer & fall!

Who has the biggest influence/impact in your life? A: My friend Jon who told me at age 16 I been through enough in my life to write a book already. He also always kept me in the positive direction ♡

website: irishgirl69

Catherine Mellen on Social Media

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Thank you ladies for sharing your stories inspired by real life events.  Truly remarkably champions.

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