The rain falls gently touching the skin of the naked earth. The trees stripped of their leaves exposing their bare bark. Nature enjoying the gentle rain fall like a woman taking a long hot shower. Soaked, the tall green grass shiver in the brisk cool winter breeze and I alone with my thoughts watching as mother nature give us a show taking center stage delighting us with her beauty. So overwhelmed, I can’t help but to feel small in this equation as I am too naked.



Striped bare, raw and exposed my armor showing its age with everything wrinkle, every line visible for all to see. My house invaded, each room tells the story of a madwoman who dances close to the flames. My bedroom a mess, clothes gathered on the bed, shoes liter the floor and a closet stuff with secrets of a heart who hides behind a soft smile.

But not today, this day all is revealed as I stand here naked for all to see.


The short was inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature her gentle touch hugging the world but yet exposing a side that is rarely seen. Naked is a thing of beauty exposing all of our cracks that lives in our armor allowing us be who we are as humans but make no mistake we are at her command and in her debt. Mother Nature is one not to be underestimated.

Be kind.

la fin