As Oscar season comes to a close (thankfully) there are some who watched the red carpet and some who stayed and watched the whole show and there’s are those few rebels who just don’t give three rats tails about such things.  I’m in this category but in the spirit of the Oscar I did catch some of the highlights and enjoyed the best Oscars speeches of twenty-nineteen.  Social media particularly twitter is all a buzz about Oscars it’s one tweet that inspired this thought, if I was to win an Oscar (far-fetched I know but stay with me) what would be my Oscars speech?

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and the winner is


And The Winner Is…:  Thank you to all you backstabbers, doubters, bullies and liars (you know who you are) for your negative chatter and lack of support.  It’s your lack of faith that motivated me to be better and to prove to you that a loser can win. Tonight victory is dedicated to all the outcasts, the losers of the world.  Let this Oscar win be a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel.  Tonight our light is shinning so brightly that it’s an exploding supernova an unstoppable force and no one will dim that light.  Thank you.



Sum It Up:  To sum it up I stopped watching the Oscar five years ago. The production is boring, the same people win, the award is given to projects that most movie goers have never seen and the lack of diversity make for an uninteresting concept kinda like how our US Congress once was. It’s so bad that no one wants to host the Oscars.  You know its bad when the pre-show red carpet has higher ratings.  I long for the glamour of old, when people like Sally Fields get up there and say something off the cuffs or like how Cher rocked with that infamous black-laced outfit or when Marlon Brando won and sent a Native American to accept his award.  Now it’s the same people wearing the same designers and it’s all boring.  Never-the-less, cheers to all new Oscars winners of twenty-nineteen.


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Oscar Night:  To see some fun red carpet fashion my fellow blogger Erica Raquel blogger breaks it all down (click here).  You can follow Erica on twitter and for more fashion fun check out her website “GrandFashLife“.  To see some memorable Oscar speeches of twenty-nineteen (click here).

Remember be kind.

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  1. Thank you for including my post Sunny!! I appreciate your support! I personally never watch award shows unless Beyonce is performing but I am always obsessed with the red carpet. I can understand the boring part of them after so long.

    Erica Raquel

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