Call me nuts that’s okay as they say a nut a day keeps the insane sane.  My behavior shows a level of difference for I am not the same as all of you.  It’s in the mind, my mind running thousand miles a minute shuffling through every idea analyzing every thought.  It takes me time to catch up but don’t worry I will catch up.  In this world my nuttiness is normal, here in this world everything I do makes sense.  It’s only when I’m around this table do I see the dark.  My soul is intact, my verbal skills doesn’t lack the need to be expressive.  All my senses are alive and well thank you for asking.  I’m not sure if it’s the meds or just a good day but what ever this is I hope it stays.  I enjoy the feeling of controlled nuttiness.


This short story is inspired by a conversation I had with strangers sitting around the table for dinner.  Dealing with a disorder like “Chum” is understandably scary not only for the person but for family and friends.  Mental illness or disorder has no rhyme or reason it doesn’t discriminate.  It’s like cancer once its in it’s in.  You feel like there’s no way to stop the raft from going over the waterfall.  There’s no such thing as controlled chaos.  However, there is a bright spot in all the darkness.  First realizing there’s an issue then seeking answers to many of the questions and getting the necessary assistance from a clinical trained therapist or licensed Doctor.

Always be kind!

la fin


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