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Driving down this road hatred fills my eyes.  Seeing red, I can feel the flames burning inside.  Waiting for that one slip up to release the beast that dances within. Cool as the morning dew sweetly fills the air, still can’t stop this living hell I am in. The more I drive down this dangerous road the more I feel alive and ready to fight.  Lying in wait, to pull the pin to explode. Looking in the rear view mirror I see the road I left behind.  Plenty of rocks left in my wake to over take that turn.  It’s all in the past now as I look forward still reeling with this anger.  Coming to the stop light blinker on left turn, then another left turn pulling into the drive of the fortress of destitute, realizing another nightmarish hell.  Seeing that brick wall I’m about to come crashing into just accepting this is my fate.


This short story is inspired by experiencing road rage on the way to work.  It’s never easy to keep your emotions in check.  Even the most passive person at some point experience a type of rage.  It’s all in how you handle and how far you are willing to go once that button is pushed.

Be Kind.

Photo is from  Clue (1985 film)   

la fin

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