Today I need you to be quiet.  Very quiet, in fact I need you to be very quiet that you can hear the sound of my heart beating.  Thump, thump can you hear it?  Racing so fast you can hear a musical patterning emerge.  My heart beats like this in anticipation of what I am about to say.  Shhh, can you hear that?  It’s the ringing in my ear.  Nervously my reaction to the thumping my heart beat is causing because what I have to say is so simple but true and that is I LOVE YOU!


This short is inspired by the nineteen forty-two movie “Yankee Doodle Dandy” starring James Cagney a bio about Mr. Broadway himself George Michael Cohen.  I admire the love Georgie and Mary had with one another.  Love is something that most would spend their entire life searching for.  Most will never experience what love is and some would know what it’s like to enjoy life together til death do us part.

Be Kind

la fin