Hello all masters of words, I normally start my blogs or short stories with some clever catchphrase but I decided to take a different approach because this subject is a touchy given the right conditions, can be a trigger for my manic-depressive state aka my “chum”.  I am like most women, I enjoy watching daytime television specifically talk shows but as I get deeper into watching I notice the all women panel engaging in relentless bickering and rude nasty behavior. Watching this type of behavior is very stressful.  I got to thinking with all the hatred and petty fights is the value of sisterhood over?


56673433-stock-vector-sport-woman-boxing-with-red-gloves-fightingSisterhood Twenty Nineteen:  Sisterhood “an association, society or community linked by common interest”  Did you get that? Key word “linked” meaning a mutual connection with another.  Well there’s a lot I don’t understand when women speak of sisterhood in twenty nineteen because of shows like The View clearly there’s no love loss between Joy & Meghan.  I certainly don’t see the valor of sisterhood nor women empowerment for that matter.  Interesting enough the producers and show runners has taken this bunch of sour lemons and turned them into lemonade gold.  They go on social media promoting sisterhood and women empowerment. Great marketing right? Honestly there’s nothing interesting or educational about watching a panel of women rip each other apart.  This is down out right brutal. I am all down for having difference of opinions but what I don’t like is the disrespect, the disdain and the lack of professionalism these women put on display everyday.  It’s disgusting, sad and unwatchable.  It shakes my faith in women.


60481694-stock-illustration-render-illustration-of-addictive-personality-script-on-head-silhouette-with-cloudy-sky-as-a-backgrouAddictive Personality:  Here it comes, the part where I tie in my manic-depressive disorder with watching talk shows but it’s true.  If you read my blogs you know when you dealing with mental illness or disorder one has to be careful and read the signs or “triggers” that can set off an episode.  Watching a group of women yelling and talk over each other sets off my Chum.  Yes folks it’s as simple, however, as I will go deeper okay here comes the metaphor; think of depression this way a person with Autism is very sensitive to light so you wouldn’t take a person with Autism to a concert with strobe lights.  It’s the same with someone struggling with depression.  Watching women be so  unnecessary low rent is very stressful.  This stress can then turn into anxiety and before you realize you are in a full-blown episode.  Part of being manic-depressive is having an addictive personality.  Lets back up, I think anyone who watches talk shows has an addictive personality.  Most people can process what they’re watching in a way to where they can tune out or turn off.  For people like myself we can’t do that.  Although I don’t like what I see I must stay watch to the end then come back the next day and so on.  Now I am addicted.  It’s the car crash you see coming and you do everything you can to minimize the blow but it’s inevitable oops another metaphor.


e282fd6cd9d6e2587b41f52c2f14080fPulling The Plug:  I explain my lack of understanding for sisterhood in twenty nineteen and how watching the car crash can be addictive but there’s one thing I would like to add this; there’s a lack of compassion, empathy, kindness, respect and love we now see is common in our homes, in the work place, on TV and in everyday life is a lesson we gladly teach and pass on to the next generation. You can see with the millennial.  In order for us to survive we must teach the next generation that it’s okay to respectfully disagree, not everyone is a winner and we must respect each other to listen and embrace our differences.  It’s never too late to tune out or turn off the TV.

Be Kind

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