Hello, usually I would start my blogs off with some kind of clever intro but I decided against that today because what I have to say needs no clever intro. I am reminded of how vocal I use to be on social media when it comes to our local (Los Angeles County), state (California) and federal government (US). I been accused of being particular harsh when it comes to Mr. Trump his administration and his policies. I decided not to indulge in politics on social media only because people can’t just have a respectful conversation. I am of the belief that if you’re not happy with the system do your part to change it. This is true in every aspect of life. My way of dealing with the frustration of what’s going is to have healthy discussions and eventually voting. If you don’t vote them you don’t have any right to complain right? Lately I notice the down right nasty behavior has definitely left a horrible taste in my mouth.


Not everyone will see eye to eye, people it’s okay to disagree. We are not robots, we have our own outlook on life which is great that’s the beauty of being human, however, when people get so passionate about their issues trying to convince me that their side is right, that passion turns into aggression. Now locked in a battle of nonsense the only thing left is to start with the insults. The beauty of have a productive conversation is lost on yelling, screaming and name calling. At this point I just tune out stop listening and there is the problem. When people can’t communicate, can’t articulate and stop listening nothing gets accomplished. All we’re left with is hurt feelings and unresolve.


Our country in the such a divide, we stopped listening, instead we go on the attack trying desperately to prove a point. I learned this lesson with dealing with Trump supporters. I won’t go into much details only to say the conversation got heated resulting in this Trump supporter releasing the kraken. It was suggested that I delete my social media accounts and start a new. The death threats were too many and started affecting my family at that point they too had to delete their social media accounts. For me and my family the experience was disheartening. I had my social media accounts for years building up a following only to see it knocked down by a group of trolls who hides behind a computer screen.


Let me be crystal clear, I choose to use my new social media accounts for my blogging, marketing for my blogs and to showcase other bloggers, writers to spread positive vibes. Its rare that I would comment on politics but if and when I do, I would ask if you don’t agree please be respectful in your response or just simply don’t response and keep on scrolling.


No, my voice isn’t silent. My voice is more cautious to the outside world.
That’s All.

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