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Hello all you commanders or words, to my pleasant surprise, I am honored and humble to be a nominee for the Blogger Recognition Award for a second time. This time the nod comes from my friend and fellow #champion Chocoviv. Chocoviv is a mother and a lifestyle blogger. The one thing that I like about Chocoviv blogs is that she gives readers insight into books she have read anda vivid introduction into her world. Simply put she’s “brilliant”. You can follow Chocoviv on twitter @chocoviv and on her website Chocoviv Lifestyle Blog and don’t forget to subscribe.


“Rules of The Blogger Recognition Award”

Rule 1.- Write a post to show your award.
Rule 2.- Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
Rule 3.- Give a brief story of why you started your blog.
Rule 4.- Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
Rule 5.- Nominate 11 blogger who deserve the award.


About Me

Hello, I am Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger and manic depressive. My passion for writing came at a young age. Diagnosed as a manic depressive now known as bipolar, I didn’t quite understand what my mental disorder meant. I didn’t understand how kids in my age group would react to my constant mood swings. As a result, I was constantly picked on. I would often retreat to my favorite hiding place. There I would dive into the world of my imagination, creating a world in which I was safe. These journal entries morphed into my blog. Today I enjoy being open about my disorder and found comfort among fellow bloggers who have similar story.


My Advice

Advice 201- Be consistent. Use your personal experiences as a way to connect to your readers.

Advice 202- Get a journal and write. It doesn’t matter if you can’t write a complete blog, but a word or sentence or a thought write it down then go back and revisit you see the pieces come together before you know you have a blog post.


And The Nominees Are…….

1. @lwlhope
2. @blujasmine
3. @taraosullivan15
4. @GFLBlog
5. @timetotalk
6. @glitzpro
7. @rosesnrouge
8. @rickljohnson1
9. @albell42017
10. @tonyburgess1969
11. @bipolarNZ

Follow the nominees on the social media accounts and website. Don’t forget to subscribe. Again thank you Chocoviv for always showing bloggers love.

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