NETFLIX 40 Binge-Worthy Shows To Add To Your Watch List

Hello all you warriors of words, with all the things going on in everyday life it’s cool to take some time and sit spending the weekend binge watching TV. There’s so many streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and HBO its hard to pick what service to watch. Hulu offers great shows like Handmaid’s Tale or HBO’s Games of Thrones and Amazon’s Good Omens and so many different shows TV watching has become more difficult.



I got you covered. For the past few weekends I spent the time binge watching a lot of TV. This blog will focus on Netflix and their programming. Here’s a few things you need to know before we get started with the list. Netflix is like all streaming service requires a membership to view its contents. Currently Netflix is running a 30 day free trial period. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. After the trial period is up, you can opt out by cancelling or you can opt in and subscribe to one of three plans.

BASIC – Stream on 1 screen. Download content on 1 device. No HD or Ultra HD available. $8.99 monthly

STANDARD – Stream on 2 screens. Download content on 2 devices. HD available. $12.99 monthly

PREMIUM – Steam on 4 screens. Download content on 4 devices. HD and Ultra Hd available. $15.99 monthly

If you aren’t sure on which plans to go with start with the “Basic” you can always upgrade.


Netflix’s shows like Stranger Things, Bodyguard, 13 Reasons Why, Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders will not be apart of this list because the publicity these shows received, it’s a no-brainer type deal. Again all great shows, this list is about shows that you probably haven’t heard or scroll through not being interesting. Trust me when I say these shows are binge-watch worthy.



I compiled this list not in any particular order on that I truly enjoyed watching these shows. I put the list in alphabetical order. Most of the shows are from different countries, many will have closed caption and or dubbed voices. Either way you can’t walk away without watching.

1. 6 Days

2. 22 July

3. A Young Doctor’s Notebook

4. Bad Blood

5. Broadchurch

6. Close

7. Damnation

8. World’s Most Dangerous Roads

9. Dark

10. Death Note

11. Dismissed

12. Doctor Foster

13. Ex Machina

14. Gerald’s Game

15. Godzilla Planet of the Monsters

16. How It Ends

17. Kiss Me First

18. London Spy

19. Love, Death & Robots

20. Mudbound

21. Mute

22. OA

23. Occupied

24. Occupation

25. River

26. Russian Doll

28. Secret City

29. Slasher

30. Tau

31. The Code

32. The Day Will Come

33. The Five

34. The Good Cop (cancelled)

35. The Miami Showband Massacre

36. The Rain

37. The Umbrella Academy

38. Ultraman

39. What Happened to Monday

40. You

Well there you have it. My top 40 list to binge-watch on Netflix. What are some of your favorites? Please share in the comment box.
Until next time….