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Hello all you freedom writers of truth, I am very excited humbled and honored to be a nominee of the Share Your Passion campaign.



This campaign encourage fellow bloggers and writers to share their passions in life while encouraging, inspiring others. What can we do to make a positive footprint. I am inspired to quote one of my favorite songs;

Feel The Love Go
Think of a friend (Love)
And wish them love
Think of an enemy (More)
And wish them more
Think of every life and wish them all your love
Then feel that love return
Feel the love infinity
Feel the love infinity
Then let it go
Let the love go



I am very proud to be apart of such of a supportive community, speaking of support my nomination comes from a fellow blogger, supporter, friend and east coast sister Catherine aka IrishGirl692. Catherine who is a brilliant blogger in her own right. Catherine has an incredible blog that details her struggle with mental health and abuse. Unwilling to be a victim of her circumstances, Catherine strength and determination to be more than just a survivor is inspiring. Check out Catherine’s award winning blog “Shatter The Silence“. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow her on social media. Thank you Catherine.




My Passion

I can give the standard blah blah answer but the truth is there’s only one thing outside of my family and friends that I am very passion about and that’s writing.

“Write until it becomes as natural as breathing.
Write until not writing makes you anxious”

The above quote is from my dear friend Paul who is one of my champions. It’s with his encouragement and the encouragement of family and friends I am able to continue to write in a public form. Writing is my passion. I love to see the thought process behind the imagination. Taking that one single idea and bringing it to life. To be so unapologetic expressive, so bold and creative is freeing. Honestly its the only time I think I’m truly happy. Outside of my champions writing is my saving grace.

“Through creativity you can inspired”


My Champions

All I can say is to my champions is THANK YOU! And you know who you are but incase you don’t…. my sisters and brothers, my best friends, my blogging comrades, thank you for walking in the dark shadows with me every step holding me up. I will be nothing without you.


A Few of My Favorite Things

Books (favorite author Stephen King) (favorite book “The Stand“)
Collecting (Starbucks coffee cups & coffee mugs)
Concerts (Def Leppard 204th and counting)
Cooking (favorite Food Star “The Pioneer Woman”)
Exploration (favorite place “Cemeteries“)
Holiday/ Season (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Winter and Fall)
Music (favorite LP “Always Ascending”, Franz Ferdinand)
Movies (favorite movies “This Is Spinal Tap“)

Science (“Griffith Park Observatory“)
Sports (LA Dodger, LA Rams, LA Lakers, LA Galaxy, Manchester United
TV (favorite TV personality “Dave Chappelle“) (favorite show South Park)
Theater (favorite musical “Book of Mormon“)
Travel (Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, Mexico


My Nominees

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@ItsNicoleCarman /
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@InsecureHW /
@Tiffanys_Blog /
@rachel_marcelle /
@jofalltradesb /
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@allthoseblogs /

Until next time……

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