Hello all you boo-static masters of words, today’s blog comes from one of my favorite independant actors and human activist Dave Vescio. Influenced by Dave’s twitter account, I thought it would be fun to answer some of Dave’s most intriguing questions. But before diving into these questions, here’s a little background on how Dave’s rags to wealth story came to light influencing a generation.


The Stumble

I first seen Dave on Spike TV, “1000 Ways To Die”episode “Gratefully Dead” then later in 2011 “Hick” (a comedy about a teenager nelgetated by her abusive parents runs away to the bright lights of Las Vegas. As she travels she comes across interesting people who helps paint a picture of this unusual adventure.) Of course intrigued by Dave’s performance as the Stranger I decided to look him up and follow him on social media. In researching Dave’s story, I found that Dave is one of those guys who real life story reads like a suspenseful book or gangsta made for TV drama. The choices Dave made put him on the path of self-discovery leading him to become a social media influencer and a highly desired actor.  Dave is as real as they get and that’s why I have mad respect for his game.


From Gangsta to Rockstar

Dave served in the US Army before turning to a life of crime. It’s during his enlistment Dave would become an addict and a drug dealer.  Dave would later be sentenced to ten years in Fort Leavenworth. Dave is very honest, open and candid about his life struggles. According to an article “In His Own Words” written by Carl Marsh August 2015 Dave said “I actually fell into acting by accident. I took a Public Speaking class in community college (after I got out of prison), and I did horribly at public speaking.”  Dave goes on to say “until I combined a truthful story with a fictional ending, and let’s just say I got classmates coming up to me thanking me for sharing that story with them.” Few years later Dave takes an introductory into acting class at Virginia Tech and fell in love. At Virginia Tech Dave was learning how to be a photojournalist which eventually landing him in NYC working with CBS reporting on both man-made and natural disasters. Dave got the acting bug bad. He wanted to be the characters he was reporting on. Dave said: “I realized that I just wanted to be the characters in my news stories. I wanted to feel what these people were feeling in these fucked up news stories that I was reporting. I read over three dozen acting books and finally got accepted into David Mamet’s acting conservatory in NYC” beginning his acting career.

In The Words Of
article by Carl Marsh
Published: August 2015
Intimate interview with Dave Vescio


Dave’s Intriguing Questions

Question #1

Answer: “Let Good Thoughts Be Your Sword and Shield” Noxeema Jackson played by Wesley Snipes To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar


Question #2

Answer: I have two things in my life that I’m not doing I wish I was doing that is; Living in Glasgow, Scotland as a successful blogger. My goal and dream is to be living as an well established independent successful writer. I want to do something important, leave my mark on this earth in a positive light. To break the stigma while showing the world real life stories of triumph is important work in the mental health community.


Question #3

Answer: A dear friend Paulie aka Banana Man once told me to write no matter what. Take five minutes to write down any thoughts and do this process everyday. This way that thought, that word will turn into a story worth telling.  Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Write until not writing makes you anxious. Because of his unmatched wise carrying love for me I carry several journals in which I constantly jot down things that will become inspiration for my blogs.


Question #4

Answers: There’s a few things that completely scare me when dating.  The first thing is going online and filling out a questionnaire that’s a twenty-two page book about your life.  This process of meeting someone isn’t organic. The second thing is trying to find a photo that don’t scare off guys but is current.  Again not as organic because now I’m on display and not ready for judgement. Third meeting someone who wants to sell you off for beans in some backwards country that no one has heard of.  I honestly miss the old days of meeting in a bar or through friends or somewhere organic like a laundromat just being totally unexpectedly surprised. Now it’s like taking out an advertisement and hoping that the bio book written and the photoshop picture is enough to attract someone who has a decent job, car and own living place.


Question #5

Answer: I turn to my tools that I have set in place to help me change my mood. Depending on the level of depression or my Chum, I pretty much distract myself.

To heal my soul I listen to my “Fortress of Destitute” playlist that consist of my favorite artists and their uplifting music.

For comic relief, I turn to Howard Stern or Dave Chappelle. Laughter is a great way to relieve and release all the tension of anxiety and the end results is happiness.

For creation, I turn to crafting or cooking. Crafting and cooking helps keeps he hands busy and the mind focus. This way I won’t be tempted to harm myself.

To heal my mind, I turn to blogging or writing. To write out what’s bugging me is a great to release all that built up tension and anxiety in a healthy way. It’s also a great way to document every episode.

To heal my heart, I turn to my family and friends. Having great conversations and going down memory line with a positive vibes just makes you feel good.

Having many healthy positive distractions is a great way to keep my Chum at bay.



Dave is living proof that no matter how bad things are you can always strive to be better. You can turn your life around. If Dave can find success so can you.


Tag You’re It

Let’s take the the challenge. I have tagged these fine bloggers, writers and storytellers to answer three question by Dave.

The Rules

1. Write a blog about who you admire or who is your biggest influencer.
(favorite Movie/TV/Reality TV/Stage celebrity).
2. Post five questions from said celebrity with your answers.
3. Pick three questions from said celebrity and post for your tags to answer.
4. Tag five or more people and have them answers the three questions.
5. Notify your taggers so they are aware.

This may take some research, take your time and have fun.


Question #1: What movie is your favorite guilty pleasure, and why?

Question #2: If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

Question #3: If you could live in any fantasy world, be it Hogwarts or Narnia, where would you choose?


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