Hello everyone and welcome to “Confessions” I’m you host Sunny Larue. I thought with this week’s episode it would be fun to highlight “Spotify End of the Year”.  Now if you haven’t heard of Spotify you must be living under a rock and frankly you’re missing out on a musical revolution. Interesting facts founded in 2006, Spotify is a Swedish based international media service company with revenue over a billion dollars as of 2018. 113 million paid subscribers help put Spotify number in music streaming over other streaming services as Google Play Music, Apple Music, Tidal and Youtube Music. (Google Play Music requires a gmail email account. Apple Music requires icloud account)


Spot On

Like with everything Spotify has compiled a year end list for members to take a look see at listening habits of the year.  Actually it’s a brilliant idea because it’s fun to see what is the most played artist “Def Leppard” or most played song “Feel The Love Go” Franz Ferdinand and even most played podcast.  Spotify goes as far to give members top ten list to share but compile a playing list combing the most played artist and songs of 100 songs. 


Free Subscription

Spotify is a free streaming service.  The free service comes with commercials but to fully enjoy this streaming app a subscription is needed.  Subscription cost is $9.99 monthly for individual use. $14.99 for family up to 6 people and $4.99 for students single use.


Is Spotify Worth The Cash

Is spotify worth the subscription YES! I highly recommend doing the subscription because of the access of thousands of titles.  The ability to create unlimited playlists that holds up to 10,000 songs. Other music streaming apps aren’t capable to hold that many titles.  Spotify also allows you to share your music on across social media platform. You can connect your home assistance and smart devices to Spotify making you music just a voice command away.  If you aren’t sure try the 30 day trial with cancelation at anytime. If you choose to cancelation do it before the cancelation date otherwise you will be charged. You can have the service billed to cellular account. Spotify is user friendly very easy which is always a good thing.  What ever music streaming services you’re using check out what they have to offer as far as subscriptions and year end. I encourage you to engage and participate. Spotify created this for us to have fun so have some fun. Feedback is always welcome please feel free to leave comments. To view my most played list head over to my instagram click on my story. Follow me on social media I am on all platform look for (sunnylarue17). AND check out my website don’t forget to subscribe.

Thank you for hanging out with me and chat with you next Saturday same podcast day same podcast time.

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