WRITING PROMPT- Episode 1 Examples On How To Beat Writer's Block


Hello all you freedom writers, today’s post is inspired by writing prompts. Have you found yourself staring at an empty white screen trying to find a point to start to write? This happens to often and as a writer there are times I try to process a series of thoughts that doesn’t translate into print which is frustrating. When I find myself in this situation I turn to “Writing Prompts”. Writing prompts is a good way of overcoming writer’s block and helps with focusing on a specific topic. Writing prompts is good to reigning in and organize your thoughts. This post features two examples of writing prompts.



What’s hurting right now beside the pain in my heart or the whole in my soul left by loving you. Everyday since you left I have been in an out-of-control spiral hell. I’m not living but I’m not quite dead. I don’t know what this space is but it’s cold and empty without you.

They say it’s okay to grieve, this isn’t grieving.

They say it’s okay to cry, this isn’t crying.

They say it’s okay to be sad, this isn’t sad.

You left me feeling abandoned, orphaned, lonely and insane. Look at the mess you left behind. Reckless in your abandonment, joyful in your bliss to revel in your new life leaving me here to overcome the hurricane of you. Healing doesn’t come at a cost and one day when the scab falls over I will be strong, happy, blissful in my joy of getting over you.



Hello sunshine as your beautiful rays hit me in my eyes, my first thought that greets me is “orange”. Hello hot running shower, your steam fills up my mirror hiding the reflection of the real me. My first thought that greets me is “awh washing away all the crap from yesterday”. Hello coffee pot puralating my first drink of the day. my first thought that greets me is “hello, hello, hello”. Hello beautiful staring back from the rear view mirror. My first thought that greets me is “hell yes I’m beautiful and ready to take on the world”.



These are two writing prompts I had fun being creative. Try stepping out of the box, try using writing prompt see how far and creativity can take you. If you enjoyed these writing prompt check out these writing prompt. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

Check Out These Writing Prompts:

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Fire And Rain
Help Me
Mommy Take My Hand
Road Rage
Shopper’s Indigestion
These Eyes

Until next time….

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