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Momma use to tell me to stop relax think before I speak. Use my words carefully to articulate my frustration otherwise what I’m attempting to express will get lost in translation. Momma also would say words is like a sharp knife, use them wickedly and they can cut you. In today society it’s very difficult to explain an unpopular point of view without being offensive or taken out of context. Why are our words so hard to articulate?

Even the most famous authors have a hard time expressing an opinion within context.  You would think it would be easy for someone who writes for a living to express their opinion in a meaningful way. We all have been in situations where a slip of the tongue gets you into hot water. However to intentionally go on a social media campaign about transgenders rights and not expect any blowback is a whole different ball game.

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Hello I’m Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger, today’s blog post is inspired by a online dialog about JK Rowling point of view on transgender rights. Let’s explore;

JK Rowling is no stranger to controversy it is well known and documented about JK views on race, religion and gay communities but this rant is again targeted to the transgender community. The famed author and Harry Potter creator has found herself in the hot seat again with a response criticizing the Scottish police for saying they’d allow rape suspects to self-identify as female should Scotland’s proposed pro-trans policies take effect next year.

 “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.
The Penised Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman.”
JK Rowlings December 12, 2021

This quote is the latest that has her Harry Potter fans up in arms and some taking a stance of boycotting the franchise. I have watched the movies but never read any of the books so after her rant about transgender back in July of this year I wanted to read the books to see what am I’m missing here. Personality is often found in the author work. A little piece of them lives inside a created universe I wanted to see if there are any red flags as to why JK have these insanely and dangerous thoughts about transgender. Let me be clear I do not agree with any of her statements. I don’t get down with homophobic, racism, sexism, ageism or anti-Semitism. I’m trying to understand what makes a person has such mean spirited and ridiculous options.

Here’s what we know; JK was on the dole struggling to keep her & her family off the streets of London. She wasn’t thinking about nothing else. She would take odd jobs but the primary resource of income was government assistance. In between jobs she found herself dreaming up a fantasy world of whimsical wizards and witches good vs evil. At the center of this universe is a boy named Harry Potter.  A child born to popular wizarding parents James and Lily Potter, Harry is just a baby when tragedy strikes. In an effort to wipeout the most powerful half bread wizards and witches and those who support them Tom Riddle succeeds when he murders the Potters clearing the way for a pure bloods society. Enslaving those who show little to no resistances and leaving behind the only surviving victim baby Potter with the mark of Voldemort. Harry will grow up creating bond more like a family with school friends Hermione and Ron. The three will navigate through a journey of self-discovery love, loss and acceptance. Learning that there’s certain evils in the world that’s unexplainable.

This is what I took from the books. A classic tale of good vs evil. A take down of wrong thoughts or wrong ideas learning to accept people and creature for who they are. Judging only on the merit of actions. So what happen?

I believe in the time of HP humble beginnings, JK was in a different mindset. Having a different prospective. That happens when you live in poverty. Struggling to survive and keep a dream alive she’s was simply at a different stage. I found that wealth and money can quickly change a person attitude. In the HP saga there’s no evidence of any homophobic behavior. In fact the lesson that is heavily theme is love and acceptance. JK is wealthy nearly a billionaire if not already. Boycotting a successful franchise such as Harry Potter is pretty much useless at this point. However, I find a few things very hypocritical.

  • A huge part of Harry Potter fans are a part of the LGBTQ+ community (including transgender). Her statements is a slap in the face to the :GBTQ+ community that helped her make millions.
  • Why is she allowed to use twitter to promote these mean spirited, tacky and disrespectful tweets when people like Trump is banned for life?

Would you stop watching or reading the Harry Potter saga?

Please feel free to leave your comments.

A special thank you to Cara Lisette for open dialog and inspiring this blog post. You can follow Cara on Twitter and Instagram her handle is @CaraLisette. Follow her blog Cara Lisette. Cara is an award winning blogger and champion for mental health.

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