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As twenty-twenty-one comes to a close I was thinking of what would be my last blog post of the year? I had four blogs in the can but none of them feel rights to post. I got to thinking about the holidays and the range of emotion that comes with. There’s two holidays I always look forward to Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. Thanksgiving is the holidays I spend with the family.  It’s a big reunion of multiple generations gathering to celebrate love. New Year’s Eve I spend with my other family my friends. We usually be on some magical adventure driving to a destination but as of late with Covid still running wild the last two New Years have been low-key and I doubt this year will be any different. Hello I’m Sunny known as the professional martini drinking blogger and today’s blog is inspired the feeling of what holiday seasons means. Let’s explore.


Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the life we have. It’s a time to reflect and a time to share in creating new memories as we share old memories. There’s five living generations and we couldn’t be further apart. In my family the break down is this;

Two living relatives from the Silent Generation are Aunt Jimmie and Aunt Lily. I love hearing stories of how they grew up. How growing in the deep south impacted their lives. How they dealt with Jim Crow laws, the Depression, World War II, the Korean War and civil rights.

The Baby Boomers includes three of my older siblings a host of cousins who seem to really enjoy their retirement and nothing else because that’s all the speak about.

GenX my other sister and a host of cousins and I’m included in that mix. Although many say baby-boomers are the bees knees I beg to differ. I think GenX is the generation that was innovating. Everything has been tested on us including host of vaccines, gaming, videos you name it. You can imagine the conversation around the dinner table.

The Millennials who seems to think they have all together. All the conversations always revolve around money and politics. How to make it and how to spend it and how to change the system for growth. GenZ is that generation birth with a silver spoon. I man of course they’re the children of the Millennials. Teenage is an awkward time trying to navigate emotions makes it bittersweet because you remember when you were that age. Most adults thinks this generation has nothing to say but I find they’re young but still have a powerful voice.

Generation Alpha are the cutest because they toddlers and grade schoolers who knows how to read a room. This generation is our future and I hope I’m around long enough to see what innovation these kids create.


New Year’s Eve is full of anxiety and excitement to forever say goodbye to a year that has for the most part sour lemons. However I’m really looking forward to turning those sour lemons into delicious lemonade.  As twenty-twenty-two dawns it’s scary to think about the new year because this no certainty. No one knows of what’s to come kind of like death in a sense. I find if you bring in the new year with good kind hearted solid people in your circle the year has already started in a positive light. Each year we celebrate this milestone its tradition and I can’t think of anyone better to share with then my besties.

I often speak about family and my core group of friends; Nance, T-Dog, Cammie, Dre, and Much. These are the friends who knows where the bones are buried because they helped you buried them. I think back on all the adventures we shared ringing in the new year. My travel partners are Cammie and Dre. One particular time pops in my head is our Seattle trip. Twenty-zero-six was a great year, I moved back from Vegas to LA. I got my dream job and met another besties T-Dog but it was the year of Seattle. Dragging my boys to the original Starbucks. Hanging out there for hours just because well because they cared. Cam & Dre thought I was insane and true I am but there’s nothing like seeing something you have a passion about sharing that moment with people you care about.

Or one year we decided to go to Knott’s Berry Farm.  It was cold like freezing cold yes in SoCal we were out of minds but we figured we did everything accept this and up for the challenge although we didn’t ride any rides. It was too damn cold.

Or the time we drove to San Diego to our favorite casino Viejas. We couldn’t afford the five-hundred-dollar a night rooms so we stayed at some low end motel yes the one where they leave the light on. We enjoyed Viejas buffet, I danced down the casino floor aisle to Michael Jackson Thriller doing my worst impression of the dance scene as the boys played the Wiz of Oz slot if you see this you’ll get why it’s funny. We won a bit. Lost a lot (cash that is), no matter because we were together. This year will be pretty low-key. Staying in just the six of us. We’ll play some games, eat a meal fit for a royal and perhaps watch a movie. Simply put just be a family.


In my introduction I said this blog is inspired by the feeling of holidays but after exploring this topic the base behind every moment mention is love. The feeling of the holidays brings joy and love into our lives.  The holidays is a time to reflect, a time to heal and a time for self-discovery but most importantly a time to love.

Thank you all for supporting a dream. I really appreciate every comment and positive feedback and kind word spoken. From my family to yours I wish joy, happiness, peace and a Happy New Year!

See you in twenty-twenty-two.

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